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Hey Active Players it is your beloved
Community Manager Anne Richmond I am here with my new friends from Ketchikan
Alaska and Gateway Games Guys how are you today? Doing amazing! it’s been a
really great day So you guys are- I’m exhausted Are you new to GAMA or have you been before? This is our third year this is the biggest one we’ve been to so far
I think they keep building every year there’s more and more stuff to go check
out it’s a lot So you guys have made quite the journey to be here so
obviously you see some like large value in being a part of the conversation that
happens with the community here Why do you think it’s so important to be at
GAMA? You can hear the advice people are giving, you can figure out when the
pre-releases are, you can do all of these things, you can’t find a peer that has
owned a game store that knows what they’re doing and say, “hey what are you
doing for this? What kinds of events are you doing? Like, this is what I’m doing.” and then we get all excited and we take it home with us. We’re all you know on
the on the distribution side, and the retailer side, and the publisher side, how
do you think this event pays forward to gamers throughout the year? You get to hear what other stores are already planning and so you can add that to your
already in place plans. So tell me a little bit more about your store and why
you guys decided to get into that side of the business So we’re a very small
store on an island in you know southeast Alaska. We have a population of about
average 10,000 people Our store is very small, it’s 600 square feet
and we’ve been around for 20 years Initially the reason why we got into it
was because we wanted a place to play that was safe Matt grew up in Ketchikan and the options for high schoolers was to go
drink in the woods Or go hiking
Or I guess you could hike in the woods We decided we needed a safe community I mean obviously we
focus on games but rather than focus on making money we focused on building a
community. 20 years later we have volunteers that grew up in our store. You
know they’re older they love doing it they’re literally we weren’t asking for
volunteers we have Glenn Glenn’s amazing and Glenn said” I’m going to be
in your store anyway you might as well let me work” He looks terrifying when you
first see him, he’s this huge blonde guy and he’s got gauges, and he’s got tattoos
all over, and then you look a little bit closer and you realize the tattoos are
like World of Warcraft, and Pokémon symbols I mean but like Quarter Alliance
though is the important question He’s horde Yaaaaaasssss! Don’t at me in the comments! Okay! One of the things that I feel is so important as I’m talking to all of these people
who have stores, is the importance and the, I guess the value of coming into a
brick-and-mortar space because these relationships and this community that
you’re describing obviously there are lots of amazing communities online but,
there’s nothing, there’s no substitute for being able to go into a space that
has an event that you can participate in and then talk to someone face to face
about these games and decide what might be right for your table In Alaska one of
our biggest issues is isolation and so you have a need that you don’t even
realize you have, until it becomes incredibly obvious when you’re sitting
down and playing a game with someone. Luckily, Ketchikan has a really active
Facebook community so we’re able to schedule events through Facebook. We
print out our events on a label printer and stick them on the back of Commons.
And then everyone who walks through the door gets handed you know what the next
20 events are. What can people look forward to coming to your store
as far as events are concerned? We do Pokémon, and we do Magic, but our big thing
honestly are the role-playing games. I carry as many role-playing games as I
possibly can and we only have a we have a 600 foot, square foot store
so our role-playing section’s about twice this, but we have the widest breadth of
role-playing games in Alaska. We probably have an equal amount of board games that
are everything across the board, old stuff, new stuff, and if we can’t get it
we find it. We closed at six on Tuesdays, so once every so often at 6:15 we take
everyone out, if you’re 18 or older you can come back in, and we play maybe Cards
Against Humanity, or Crabs Adjust Humidity, or I can’t even think about all
the games that we’ve done Any kind of party game that you might not want to
play with someone who’s younger or your grandparents or you know. But it’s fun
and then at the end of it you know we have these pins that we give out they’re
“I’m a horrible person” If you manage to win one of the games you get a
“I’m a horrible person” pin I… I need it So I guess I’m going to
Alaska guys You need to come to Alaska.
Yeah and so should all of you guys! If you have a chance to stop by
Gateway Games, go and do it we want to hear all about it if Active Players are
out there in Alaska visiting this store, it sounds like a great time. Thank you for everything you’re doing to build a community on that little island out there. And hopefully we’ll see you next year at GAMA. Absolutely you will.
Awesome all right Thanks Active Players, we’ll see you next time!

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