Freiwilligeneinsätze mit Habitat for Humanity – join us!

you when you start to look at the statistics and you realize how many millions of people live under the poverty line and substandard housing around the world if you don’t have a roof over your head if you don’t have someone secure to live to work to play to sleep you don’t have anything my name is Julia Kendall and I got on a plane from London several hours ago and I found myself here in the middle of Cat Monty we’re gonna be building 35 homes with my family it’s one thing that is always the same is the impact we have on the families and seeing how we’re removing them from poverty to a new home what I think is going to be just the most exciting thing is with families and alongside companies if you want to put love into action and have a tangible way of volunteering and seeing the results it’s the perfect organization it doesn’t just give handouts it gives a handout I know people who all want to go in a gap year you want to make a difference in countries that you necessarily might not go to in stores if you get presented with an opportunity to go on a habitat bill it will be life-changing for other people as well as for you do it if you would like to get involved with Habitat for Humanity why not volunteer on one of the many bills across the world join us today fight poverty go to home you

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