Freedom of Religion or Belief – Human Rights

In a world with more than 7 billion
people, there are many religions. And while most people live among others like
themselves, some don’t. They often move and find themselves in the minority. They worship differently. They dress differently. They even eat different
kinds of food. Sometimes there’s trouble. Wouldn’t life
be lots better if we all let others practice their faith? Here are four ways
that we can help everybody enjoy freedom of religion. First stand up for the
rights of minority religious groups to practice their religion free of
persecution and criticism. Second be respectful and generous with those who choose to speak openly about their beliefs including those who don’t belong
to a religion. Third respect the desire of religious people to meet and pray and worship together, regardless of when or where they meet. Fourth, go out of your way to befriend those whose clothing or other traditions might
differ from yours. Yes it’s a big world isn’t it? Big enough for everyone to
enjoy Religious Freedom. More ideas about our
rights from The Geneva Office for Human Rights education


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