Foundation For Human Rights – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (11 Mar 2019)

What is strange today is that human
rights are no longer universal. Today, many people are justifying everything in the
name of human rights. Today, not only you have a right to live, people are saying you have
a right to die. If you look at the world today, the world is so confused.
There is no longer real agreement on what are really human rights. And what is
the cause of all this? The root of this division is simply because men have
forgotten that human rights are dependent on how we understand God and
how we understand who we are as humans. That’s the reason why the universal
human rights, whether you like it or not, they are founded on the Christian gospel.
But today, the world is so secular and relativistic. That’s the reason why the
universal human rights are being reformulated. And as they get
reformulated, everyone gets confused because the foundation is no longer
there. We cannot speak of human rights unless you first believe in God. It is
the Lord who gives us the commandments, it is the Lord who makes laws that are true
and moral. Reason alone cannot help us to arrive at the fullness of what it means
to be just. That is the reason why faith is necessary to help us to make the
distinction and to reveal to us who we really are. We need to have faith. Faith
purifies reason. Faith perfects reason. The common good means to say that every
one of us, together, we help one another to arrive at the person that we are
called to be. And that is to be a true son and daughter of God.

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