hey everyone last night I was on a live
feed with the outcast he’s been known as Thor so that’s his
name is Thor and he caught each column for unity and Brotherhood and for our
trucking nation and I believe that I 100% agree with Thor and what he would
like to achieve so this video is for you Thor and to let anybody know that
doesn’t know you to go over and check out Thor’s channel and I will put a link
in the description so look below and listen to what the man says he’s right
he’s 100% right and what he says we should stick together
the older to teach the new and then the news she teach the older and we should
blend together and we are going to have bad days we’re still gonna disagree but
we can do it talking civilly and not arguing and if we’re going to argue we
can do it the person like two men instead of doing it on videos so that’s
not the way to do it I agree Thor and I want to tell you that I appreciate your
video little dog so he appreciated your video – they don’t appreciate that noisy
truck over there though so everybody check out stuff check out the
I see a good video on the subject – so kudos to Ike Thank You Ike I hope
everybody finds peace out there life’s too short to waste your time arguing
every day can be your last so peace out guys

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