For All Mankind — Remembering Apollo 11 | Apple TV+

[PINGING] ♪ Music playing ♪ Ronald D. Moore:
The space program captured the world’s imagination
when it first happened. There’s something about
putting people in spaceships and going places. It’s an idea
of this optimistic future where we not only
travel in space, but it’s been a good thing
for all of mankind. Larry Wilson: Today is about
the future of our country — the future of the world. We put a man on the moon today. I guarantee we are
not stopping there. Michael Okuda:
Flying to the moon was the very definition
of impossible. Project Apollo pushed humankind and pushed technology
years forward. Maril Davis: Ron and I have
talked about doing a show set at NASA, and we thought
it’d be such a great idea because in the 60s and the 70s
astronauts were such rock stars. Matt Wolpert: It just sort of
sprung from that shared love of the Space Race and that era. Ben Nedivi: We have
consultants — we have tech consultants
who make sure that whatever we’re coming up with
is grounded in reality and in history
as much as possible. Ronald: We kind of have
an instinctive feel that space truly is
the final frontier. That it is this place
that we can go to and do inspirational things — things that make us better
as human beings. To be explorers and pioneers and to go out and take our place
in the universe. For All Mankind
really speaks to that desire on the part of the audience. ♪

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