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This is Johan Sundstein, he… No, let me do it. OK, I got this! This is Johan Sundstein. His nickname is n0tail, aka Big Daddy, and he plays Dota 2 for OG. This is Tal Aizik, his nickname is Fly
and he also plays Dota for OG. I almost said OG for Dota… Sh*t! The way me and Tal, I guess, met was back
in the Heroes of Newerth in a public game. He had a current team-mate,
he was playing with NoVa. Tal initially didn’t want to play with me… Wait! That’s not true! It was the other way around. Yeah. Sure! We’ll say that… It is the other way around. We ended up playing,
and that’s how we started We met in Germany,
not too long after that. I’d say it went pretty well. I think we got along. I mean I only saw some pictures of him and
then I saw him in person and he was completely
different. He was lying to me all along,
but it was OK besides that. I catfish-ed you! Yeah… And then, shortly after,
the three of us got offered to join Fnatic. We were both young, or same age, and I guess we got tossed into this,
what was initially just a game. We were just playing the same game, then we got thrown into what was the beginning
of esports and this whole movement. We both started at the same place, same time. After we met each other in person,
we all went back home and we started playing for team Fnatic…
and we were just playing. So, this is the start of our
professional career in a way I don’t know how much, at least, I realised
at that time that this is actually a thing, but we were playing almost every day, either
practicing or just pubbing or whatever, so we ended up talking a lot… all the time. We’re still bonding over the game, I’d say. Our relationship is still very
dependent on Dota and stuff. This is the thing we always have got in common. He’s like a brother to me. That’s kind of where it’s at. It’s not that normal for you to play with
the same person for 7 or 8 years, or almost the whole
time. I think gaming for us, when it all started,
it was very unprofessional. As Tal said, we didn’t really know what it
was. We didn’t even know it was a thing or, if
it was going to be a thing, what is was going
to be. It was just us playing games
and going to these tournaments because we wanted to be the best
at this game that we kept playing. It quickly became hardly professional
at all to our profession. Going into Dota 2 was a bit of a team decision,
but it was also individual decisions at the same time. We saw a lot of potential in Dota 2
and it seemed like something that was going to become very good
and interesting, so we tried it out. In the beginning, it was pretty hard,
especially for me but after a hundred or something games,
150 or so, I saw the light. So the beginning OG was after the
fifth international. Yeah, it was TI5.. Back then I was playing in a different team
than Johan. We were not playing together
for half a year at that time. And after that, we sat down and talked and
we decided or we thought about making a team together
again. It seemed like a natural choice, I would say. At that point in time, I was almost done
with the game and the competitiveness… But talking to Tal and seeing the light and
what we could do, and that we could do it right and
ourselves. Create the team we wanted… We found the recipe,
or a recipe with the right things. Part of it was just being able
to hang out with each other and talk to each other, and not be
all about business type of thing. We wanted people to feel comfortable,
to be able to share whatever they have to say and just have some fun together,
while still working towards the same goal. So it’s two different things combined. Yeah… That was how OG came to be. Tal and Johan, the two of them,
they are the core or the foundation. Without the two together, it’s just not the
same. Tal is the captain. He leads the team in game and
outside of game as kind of like that pillar in the team, and Johan is more like the heart. He’s the passionate force that drives the
team. I don’t think OG could function with one or
the other. So the life of OG is quite the rollercoaster, as a lot of our OG fans and non-fans
like to point out consistently is that we rise up and we fall quite often,
more often than most teams. Certain losses can break teams, especially when it comes to International
because after that, comes a new season and all that. These types of losses can just break a team
completely. All you can do is pick yourself back up, and
find new motivation for the new season to actually
make it happen. The fact that you were the best team for
pretty much ninety per cent of the whole year is gone in an instant, when you lose this
one tournament. And in the end, if you think about it,
this tournament is just another tournament. Sure, maybe the prize pool is higher, maybe
there’s a bit more pressure, but it’s just another
tournament. You’ve won against the exact same teams two
months ago. So it’s kind of sad in a way, but it is how
it is. You have to just find new motivation and new
goals. When you find that, then you can really
start putting in the hard work again, and start winning again, and finding the people
who have the same goal as you. That’s what’s going to make you be a good
team again. What I can say is, the things I pick up is
that: be good to others, treat people the way
you want to be treated. Work hard. Enjoy the challenges in life and
accept the failures along the way. They’re there and you can’t run away from
them. Just try your best. Always do your best and remember to always
get back up no matter where you are in life. I think that’s the real message behind everything.


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