First true WIN vs OpenAI — humanity victory thx to Black!

Humanity is dead. [In Game Sound Effects: (Prepare for Battle!)] Do I need to change something, maybe? Like a start…maybe different starting items, or something? Because he has a Faerie Fire…pretty sure that guy has the perfect….uh…. stuff. I fucked up my block already! Alright, I’m done. (I’m so done) Iiiiii’m so dooooooone! (random bloop) Whatever, man! Uhm, I don’t even need to block…screw dem (them). Now you’re at the tower, now…eh? Are you gonna get that last hit?! Well, he got it because I gave it to him! The bot has to be on his control! He got….?! What tha(the)…. Don’t hit me! Oww! 1..2…. okayokayokayokayokay Relax, bro! [under his breath: why did I fuckin’ (fucking)…?] How can a bot predict…, like, everything so well? Do not! Yes!! That’s it! No, I gave it, didn’t I? Yeah, get hit by the tower! Now, okay, we’re doing a lot better than before. I’ll just get two flasks out already. Yeees!!! (Yes!) Yes!!!! Errrr… Stupid Bot! Let’s go, let’s go! (Breathing out: hoo hoo!) We can’t choke now! Don’t give him back anything! Oh, the intimidating man is coming! Aw fuck! No, I fucked up! Okay, I’m actually so nervous, right now. I need to chill, I need to chill. Sorry guys, sorry guys. Now, I’m gonna (going) to win this game, don’t worry, I’m gonna (going) to win this game. I’m just nervous, I’m just very very nervous. Oh shit! I’m giving him everything! Alright, time to aggro him. [aggro: to encourage an enemy to play aggressively] Now I got two mangos, now. Now…now, I’m going in for the killing blow. I’m gonna (going) to heal up. And now he’s gonna (going) to die. Push it, push it, push it. It’s pretty intense, man. Ah…. Right, he’s out of mana. Time to pressure, time to pressure. Alright, alright. He’s going back to base to heal, I think. I think. Aw, fuck! Stop hitting up, dude. Alright. He’s actually denying every creep, still. He doesn’t give any shits about anything. But I’m about to get, I got…I got the gold advantage, like a really big one. I wonder for how much longer, though… Alright! Dude! Just keep the creeps and I’ll heal! And then counter shit. Piece of shit! Go back from where you came! [In Game Character Effects: (He’s a menace){This might be wrong – E.L.}] This guy’s actually pissing me off! He just keeps coming, like this. He’s behind so far! I mean…aww shit! And he’s doing this! How to actually think! How’s it a thing? And now I got full mana, full hp, again! Am I actually losing? There’s no way I’m losing, no, no, no…. Alright, we got boots. I’m gonna (going) to kill him now. I’m gonna (going) to kill him now, with those boots. There’s no way he’s going to get a way! You….fuckin’ (fucking) bot! Alright, let’s go! LET’S GO! Oh, fuck! Noo!! Nooo!!! It was a free win! Nooo! I fucked it up so badly…. I can’t believe it…. (exasperated) (soft sounds of crying) OOOOOOooooOOOOOHHHHHHMMMMYYYYYGOOOOooooOOOOOooooOOOODDDDD!!!! Oooh shit, buuut I can’t believe I just did this! I’ve never been so nervous in my life, man! Alright, alright time to… we can still win, we can still win. I…. am actually pretty mad, right now. I… can’t believe what just happened… maaaaaan…. (Sobbing) I, I , I swear I’ve not been that nervous, like ever, in my life! Ha, piece of shit! I hope I hit ’em(him)! I think I did! I didn’t…. Ch, how did he see me?! Asshole! Then, see! Now he does, he does what I should have done! YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!! YES!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! (laughing) Yeah babe, yes!!! (grunt) Whew! Shit, yeah! Clutch! Clutch! CLUUUTCH !!! Whew…. (laughing) Lord, he, he, he missed it, he, he missed it like twice RNG, RN Jesus! Humanity Won! RN Jesus! Awww…..Yes!!! Aw, God! This is so good! I’m actually way too happy right now!


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