Final Fantasy XV Noctis Interview | Ray Chase | Cancelled DLC & Brotherhood

so fortunately we heard that episode
Noctis DLC was cancelled Leslie hello I’m at Anime NYC and
excited to be with Ray Chase the voice of Noctis from Final Fantasy XV off my chair jester
the King sits there I’m so sorry I thought we’re gonna do interviews great awesome to meet you then I fill in
one of the coolest things is I got to meet ray chase and Robbie Daymond for a second
yesterday and what really stood out to me is you guys actually said that you
you would become friends and you guys swarm this like Brotherhood absolutely
from almost from final fantasy 15 and so of course incredibly ironic
that’s one of the greatest messages of the game and it was so amazing to see
you guys kind of connect through it and then stay buddies like we said two years
later almost at this planner I guess I’ve known Robbie for four years
at this point oh right yeah cuz if the games been out for two years and will
work two years before on it yeah about four years things I have the irony of is
of course Brotherhood is such a strong just route through the entire game very
Hannah Mae what does that mean to you and of course there’s the other guys in
the Brotherhood as well and have you had connections with them which is Robbie
and they’re a little bit different because Robbie and I work on a ton of
stuff together anime and video games and animation so we shared a lot of credits
anyway and so I definitely found naturally a stronger connection to
Robbie just because I was around him doing cons and and sharing credits and
stuff but Adam and Chris and I have all done we’ve done a couple of conventions
together they’re really really cool to hang out with and they’ve done a couple
of streams with us – and we stream a final fantasy on our weird little twitch
channel with with Ignis and got him to say he’s come up with a new recipe of
course yeah it was really fun the fans demand yes yeah you guys seem
almost like a comedy duo you and Robbie Prompto yeah put up each other as well
absolutely and as the boot so that was great but yeah sort of the deeper theme and
the Brotherhood like even in your life like how does that resonated with you
and it really hit me because you know IANS actually my oldest friends so if
you’re not kin we’re working together and it really hit me as sort of that
because you know Final Fantasy has always had a strong friendship
I feel but this one is just you know especially as a man it was can I
following up together and going through those trials and most other Final
Fantasies the main cast meets on their journey and not everybody knows each
other from before this one was different than that everybody knew each other
going in for a very long time and and and that was something that we played
through the entire entirety of the game and I mean I couldn’t have done this
alone the just doing the game having Keith Farley the director and casting
directors stand up for me when I was being recast just and guiding me through
the whole process in my first video game it was incredible to have someone by my
side like that so um the themes definitely resonated in my actual life –
that’s beautiful it really is yeah it comes through like
there’s that feeling like you just said oh they’ve had a lifetime together and
you know sort of little quips and dialogue that goes on it’s so clever
it’s so great and yeah like I said as a man you kind of you appreciate that
walked all my friends it’s differed from having a party of you know different age
groups and everything like in normal final fantasy so it was great right one
of the interesting thing is this game ten years in gas station right in the
yeah you Raymond blonde Laden of course but for some of us fans who kind of grew
up with Final Fantasy it was always this sort of mystic just forced who’s versus
thirteen is yes there was this expectation even though we knew nothing
about noctus right nothing about we saw these guys oh he can warp yeah all right
how was the league bring someone to life who we we knew nothing about but we all
were looking forward to so much well I mean I did not know about him before I
played Final Fantasy growing up but I did not know about verses 13
because I hadn’t played those I played the earlier ones but I hadn’t kept up in
the series and so yeah I had no idea when the auditions came in I didn’t know
who not this was so I started from from scratch and I feel like square did the
same there wasn’t any mention of the old
design that he had or in his his very emo outlook what is it though of that
fools run the world it’s a reliable that’s something that’s not the noctus
that we know and I like it better that they cheered him up a lot another thing
that I love is one of the things that I took away so when I favorite lines in
the end of the game but it says you guys are the best
yes and it’s this sort of he has such trouble expressing himself it appears
the entire game and I think he regrets it with Luna he never really got on to
her his father never really good something that connection he’s just
waiting for it and then he struggles he fights and he finally expresses himself
oh yeah for you like as an actor and portraying these characters and
expressing yourself like what does that mean to you I mean it’s amazing to be
able to get a nice juicy part like that where you get to a moat and we recorded
the game in order which doesn’t happen a long way and that scene was one of the
last scenes maybe it wasn’t the very last thing that we did pictured the
throne room stuff last when he’s on the throne at a time we had together
I cherish I was saying goodbye to all the people who guided me it was other
people on the other side of the glass the engineer David who worked with
through the entirety the game or Dan Kim who was the the coordinator on it it’s
like all of these people who guided me through and and showed me how to be a
professional voice actor I mean that was they they were the best so I was talking
to them – so it was all it worked on all those different levels what a moment to
say that really there was a couple times throughout the games but that one was
just beautifully done and I think the taking your time with it is what really
did it like it’s a very space that scene he struggles he stands up you worry I
wish I could take credit for that but we did match the Japanese timing Oh exactly
so yes that’s not me that’s them – in general yes thank you so on you I
mentioned it yesterday but I love berserk as well
oh very cool yes one of the things I joked that I wouldn’t what a just start
different since we are each other’s Moses yes we can’t even be compared in
yes square-headed angry he’s crazy looking at this place and so that’s a
testament to you of course in your talent yes
it was incredible I was talking to somebody every chased green bruisers
he’s father Moses so yeah incredible now how do you like
approach that like how do you get in the character and is it is it for more the
directorial side cuz of course there’s a Japanese right to match or is it just
like how do you approach a father Moses compared to anak that’s I mean just look
at him there’s only one voice then how did that guy it’s kind of that crazy
deep one yeah I mean that’s you know you you always get to hear the Japanese line
before you record and and I try to match the Japanese as much as possible and
they got this like six year old guy to be a very deep and big and so yeah I
went for it for sure that’s what I’m saying the sixty-year-old good yeah
right yeah it’s great thank you as far as your voice acting career I think a
lot of people are always curious now how did you get started and for people
looking into it I think even in the last ten years it’s it’s become a lot more
accessible oh yeah yeah especially with sort of the explosion of
even like audio book readings and people getting it for the door what would you
do someone who’s just kind of up-and-coming curious I wants to take
that next step um I take acting classes for sure I mean
I got a degree in theatre and film at USC and and did a lot of improv which
really helps on the job come up with who your stock characters aren’t all that
sort of stuff and get used to playing around your voice I got my start doing
voice one two three it’s a pay-to-play site you pay a bunch of money and then
you can get to record but they do legitimately pay you back when you book
and I did audiobooks to I did 200 of them in this three-year period was a
nightmare but it taught me a lot about how to self engineer and and self record
and correct and that was a lonely lonely
time yeah that’s incredible yeah I know see that and this is it’s
like we always said in the channel to like you know you have to put in the
work yeah right say you know cuz a lot of
people have great voices right that’s not it you have to put in the work
exactly and say hey I want to be a voice actor somebody hired me please
you know comment now yeah who’s gonna be the main character clapping drying you
guys know for years right so on our channel as I said we do these
fight scenes sometimes pitting opposing fighting styles again it’s not enough if
if you could choose what’s the two of your characters there’s like a posing
like samos discourse it’s over yes I would like to see clash yeah I would
love to see Roy versus Noctis I mean every boy yeah fire versus it’s red
versus blue essentially yeah I think that’d be
really really cool the doctors could walk around he’s got all these other
things but Roy is our boy he’s that’s ours
yeah I’d love to see that noctis for smash confirmed that’d be awesome maybe no probably not but nope or no no
we recorded Roy so many such a long time ago I saw there was a noctus I would
have recorded it two years ago and it said I don’t think that’s gonna happen
okay yeah maybe it’ll be a deal see you maybe maybe a no do you have like a
favorite role that you’ve done in anime games I think that India and then after
that you have a favorite line from Nagas which we might have already done oh yeah
yeah off my chair jesters one of the best for sure I’m afraid you’re out of
luck off my chair jester the king sits there I love there’s
there’s a line not says one of the DLCs that not a lot of people get but if you
get the really big fish in the chocobo fishing carnival he he says he’s just by
himself all of his brothers aren’t there so he says who’s puny now Gladio and
that one’s great finally gets has come up and he’s like not there yeah but I
love Roy a great deal like I grew up playing melee Roy and doctor Mario where
my mains and to be able to to play a character who you played as a kid it
never happens in voice acting to be able to originate a role because how often is
it that you get a role and then 20 years later then they find an English voice so
that was insane and I’m always grateful a Nintendo for that didn’t audition for
La Edition for Albert and they said while you’re here why not give Roy a
shot and that was I think that was life-changing yeah we love mail anything
else absolutely such a great game so unfortunately we heard that episode
knock this was cancelled Leslie now it’s it’s interesting because there’s no
shortage of noctus right right yes but you know of course we love it and we
want as much as we can get and we still have Arden coming right but uh yeah I
mean it’s hard to say do you think this is the end now of you portraying not
who’s outside of lis you know the city is and stuff yeah uh yeah I guess
officially that’s the end which I’m okay with I mean it’s it’s it’s funny how
fans are because when they announced the second round of DLCs the fans were very
salty about it they said let this game end why won’t this game ever die enough
enough of this nonsense and then they announced to cancel the fans no no we’re
so sad so I I don’t know I feel like the game is great I think with the Royal
Edition it’s complete now it’s a full story it wasn’t at launch
and and now I think it’s in a really good spot so I don’t know I’m okay with
it I think it’s fine I’m I’m sad that we don’t get to see Luna and RNA I think
those would have been really really good stories yeah but I did not really like
this Final Fantasy XV second anniversary I agree with you too I love I love the
story yeah the audition we played it and they’re so very yes
very nice sort of like conclusion or nice touch on the end of bedroom and
it’s all there but so that being said I mean to the Final Fantasy fans I asked
there and appalled the same thing is there anything you would like to say to
the fans out there who’ve just I mean people who may have just discovered the
game people who may have weighed you know 10 years people who have kind of
rented it played for a few minutes have been inspired bowed you say to the fans
who look up to you thank you for playing I mean it’s it’s I feel this game is
very special there’s not a lot of games like that where you really get to feel
like you’re part of a brotherhood with characters when people say they play it
and when I played it myself it’s like you’re hanging out with your friends you
get to go home boot up your ps4 and hang out with with Gladio and and ignis and
Prompto and I think it’s a really a really good testament to the direction
of the game you guys are the best everybody thank you so much for watching
great what’s the best way to keep in touch news at Twitter Twitter’s great at
ray chase real easy I was there plug anything you want yeah guys if you have
a play to find out please I don’t know why you have what are you doing or Smash
Bros or any of the numerous things Bordeaux I learned yesterday that’s
right anyone know my mom thank you so much I don’t like long filenames
advanced it’s such a pleasure thanks pal sorry for punching you earlier it’s
alright yeah guys we chase down to her thanks guys


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