Final Exam – They Chose Compassion Over High Marks // Viddsee Originals

Good job, Nina. Ming, what’s your score? What’s yours? Wah, Ming got 98 for Maths. But Bella and Rafiq still better than me. That Bella’s mom ah, what kind of parent buys an iPhoneX to reward their child? Making their parents proud should be the best reward. Don’t need to compare, as long as you do your best, we are proud of you. Wait, wait, wait. I thought we gone through this question before? Why make the same mistake again? Third place in class already, good enough what. That’s not the point. We went through this exact question before. Right, Ming? Why so careless? If not you will also get hundred points! Got so difficult or not? Let me see. Qua…qua…quad…quadrilaterals Your mom is right. Next time don’t so careless. How about this. If you top your class next time for Math test, I’ll buy you a present, can? Oei! Quickly finish your dinner. I bought cream puffs for dessert. Go think of something you really want, but don’t tell mummy, ok? But only if you score top for Maths test. This is her pill box. Don’t worry, I’ll monitor her closely and make sure she takes all her pills. You know Nina is actually a very good student, and she always pays attention in class. Thanks, Ming. Just put the files on my table and wait for me inside. Even during PE she likes to play around with her friends and everyone. Do you know how long? I don’t know, I’m quite worried about her. Ming. Ms Wong ask you to wait also? What did you do? Nothing. My mommy bought me a new iPhoneX because I scored full marks. Rafiq, you want to see? No. Ming? So, this new iPhone is buttonless, means no button. Keep your phone please, Bella. So these are the Math topics and subjects that I went through in class. I want the three of you to help Nina study for the next Math test. Can don’t want or not Ms Wong? But you almost scored full marks for the last test, Rafiq. Ming is sitting beside Nina, ask him lah! It’s just a study group for the next Math test, please? Ms Wong? Yes? What happened to Nina? What do you mean? Why is Nina’s mother crying? Oh. Nina might not be coming to school anymore. But why? She might need to stay in the hospital. But why Nina need to stay in the hospital? You know, actually Nina told me a little secret. You all want to hear? So, Nina told me that she wants to be just as clever as the 3 of you. To be top in class too. But she only got 81 for the test. That’s why, I want the 3 of you to revise with her. Then why not you just give her all the answers? Easy. Cannot play cheat, my daddy says we must be independent for ourselves in the future. Right, Ms Wong? You all saw how hardworking Nina is right? So it wouldn’t be fair if I just gave her all the answers. What’s most important, is that we know we are doing our best to help her. Nina! And that’s all that matters, right? Bella, how to do this question? This question, this add together, then minus this angle. Understand? You try. Nina, why do you need to stay in the hospital? Rafiq, cannot ask this question. Why cannot? I never see her vomit blood what, and she looks okay. Doctor say, my muscles are shrinking. Does that mean you won’t grow taller anymore? Don’t know, maybe. Is that why you hold your pen like that? Is it painful? How about your other hand? What about your legs? Ok ah. Still can play catching? Ming is catcher. Ming slow poke! Wait, wait. Not counted! Nina! Nina! Are you ok? I’m ok, I’m ok. Ming, can you show me how to calculate this answer? I thought Bella taught you already? But I still don’t understand mah. Nina, why do you want to be the top in the class? Maybe my mommy will be happy if I get top in class. Nina! Bye, Ming. The mock test so easy and she only got 89 Maybe we go through with her again? Where got time? The test is tomorrow. But her score improved. Ms Wong says, as long as we do our best, right? Ms Wong says Nina wants to be top in class, never say must score 100 marks mah. Wait. I thought you say cannot play cheat. Not considered cheating what, right Rafiq? I guess. Ming? Math test tomorrow, right? You got think of the present already or not? How about, iPhoneX? Pa, can next next test then buy? Huh? Why? Buy what? Uh nothing! Ok, you can start your Math test now. Hey Ming, how much you get? 2nd in class leh. 88 only? Ming only get 88 sia. 88 only.


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