Fashion – History of Mankind – Part 52

This is Jack and I’m speaking about fashion
as enslavement. So, if you look at human beings in the world
today, what type of clothes do they wear? This [is] including [both] men and women.
They wear clothes that look ‘beautiful’, that look ‘perfect’, that look ‘presentable’,
that look ‘acceptable’, that ‘enhance their features’, but mainly… what goes
through a male and female’s mind while they are dressing? “I wonder what will people think of this
outfit”; “I wonder if anyone would comment on this outfit”; “Let me wear this outfit
because I’m sure everyone will like it”; “Maybe if I wear this outfit, I’ll be
acceptable”; “Oh, I’m not pretty enough – let me rather wear other and more extravagant
clothing to hide my apparent ugliness because I don’t accept myself.” Where have human beings placed their acceptance?
Within the clothes they wear. If you look at human beings today, I have
one question – have you honestly ever asked yourself “What clothes am I able to wear
that support my self-expression in this world, that support my human physical body in this
world?” That hasn’t crossed your mind – no, that doesn’t cross the expression
of you, because human beings look at the beautiful pictures of models in the world – in magazines
and on television – whether you’re now saying to me “Oh, no please, Jack I accept
myself, I don’t care about that shit” – you do. If you say that, you’re actually
suppressing that and making [it seem] as if you don’t care and then you just wear strange
clothes that [make it seem that] you apparently don’t care – when you actually do, but
you’re suppressing it. So, what are the pictures of models in magazines
and in the media presenting? They’re presenting the structural systematic perfection of clothing
that supports mind consciousness systems and not the expression of human beings. Fashion designers, clothing designers,…
– please, they don’t design clothes to support human beings’ expression as who they are
in this world. No! They look at fashion the following way: what looks good, what makes
your body look perfect, what presents the perfect picture presentation of yourself to
be acceptable in this world and those around you, to be ‘liked’. Where do human beings wear clothes that are
comfortable? Probably only their bloody pajamas, when they’re alone at home in their slippers
and or whatever. Just nowhere where anyone is able to see them that they don’t know.
The moment you step outside that door: hair, clothes, all perfect fitting on my body, nice,
like that. Men, same thing, please. Men just aren’t
so extravagant in terms of their expression of clothes, yet they are very concerned about
how they look as well. So, men, you’re not excluded in this – you’re equal in that
expression. So, really, if you really, honestly, have
a look at what you wear – what is it supporting? It is supporting your mind consciousness system
inside you. And even if you really look, people who wear clothes to ‘try and look ‘presentable’
and ‘acceptable’’ to either hide the fact that they have no self-love, no self-acceptance
– it’s sometimes fucking uncomfortable, they don’t like wearing it. The moment they
get home they change into something more comfortable. Sometimes they don’t. There is occasionally, I’d say, human beings
that wear clothes that actually support them without even realizing it, but not everyone
in this world is, I’d say about 95 percent of this entire world – no, make it 98, no
99! 99.9 percent of this world – all the human beings within – do not wear clothes
that support their human physical body and the expression of who they are in this world. And, it is like: clothes are being worn for
multiple different reasons that have definitions that are separate from you. Really observe
your mind when you are dressing, when you are getting dressed. What’s going on? When you’re
standing in front of the mirror, when you’re looking in front of the mirror, what’s going
on in your mind? Where are the judgments? Where are the comparisons? Where are the concerns?
And all those are encompassing the simple common sensical fact that there’s no self-love
and no self-acceptance. Because if there were, you’d actually wear clothes that support
you, that support your expression in your human physical body. And this whole fashion industry, modeling
industry and media industry – incorporating all three – are supporting the suppression
within human beings that have no self-love and no self- acceptance and rather wear clothes
that are ‘in fashion’. And, remember, this ‘fashion’ is of mind consciousness
systems support because it is not designed to express and support human beings as who
they are – it is a fuck-up. So, human beings, just a suggestion, is to
look at actually how you experience yourself in the clothes you wear – really become
aware of that. And you’ll see: you’ll feel uncomfortable, you’ll feel this experience
within your solar-plexus, it’s like an uncomfortability, like an irritatedness almost. If you have
any such uncomfortable experiences, know that those clothes or those shoes are not supporting
you at all. Go into a [shopping] centre and look and dress
and wear – try everything, don’t judge clothes – just look and try everything – maybe
something you haven’t tried before – wear it, feel how you are experiencing yourself
as these clothes. I suggest you start wearing clothes that support you. Otherwise, you will
wear clothes that support the mind consciousness system of having no self-love and no self-acceptance,
suppressing self-honesty extensively because your mind goes to: “How will others think
I look like?”; “Ooh, do I look pretty enough?”; “Do I look beautiful enough?”
– it’s all related to a picture that’s separate from you. And then you’re walking in this outfit,
in this fashion statement – where are you? You are nowhere because now this ‘fashion
statement clothing’ is holding you in this picture-idea of yourself and you’re the
whole time concerned about what you look like, instead of your own self-expression of yourself.
Imagine – wearing clothes that support you, wearing clothes that support your self-expression.
Then you’re not going to be fucking concerned about the clothes or what you look like, you’re
going to be focusing on your expression! So, what am I saying? Start removing that
in your world that is keeping you focused upon mind consciousness systems – and fashion
is one of them. [It’s] a suggestion – try it out, start becoming aware of how you experience
yourself with the clothes you wear. Thank you very much. This is Jack.


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