Family gets house from Habitat for Humanity

will be mainly dry. Friday afternoon will be slightly cooler than the past couple of days. The highs will reach the reach the upper 60s to the lower 70s. Friday night’s lows will be in the mid 50s. (JOHN) HABITAT FOR HUMANITY IN CENTRE COUNTY HAS BUILT 60 HOMES OVER THE LAST 35 YEARS. DAVID KAPLAN WENT TO THIS YEAR’S ONLY HOUSE DEDICATION, FOR A FAMILY IN BELLEFONTE. IF HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS THE BEREZHNOY FAMILIES’ HEART IS RIGHT HERE. ANDREY BEREZHNOY AND HIS WIFE OLGA HAVE BEEN RAISING THEIR FIVE CHILDREN IN A THREE BEDROOM APARTMENT. THEY SAY IT’S CRAMPED — AND THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR STORAGE OR FOR THEIR KIDS TO PLAY. “We prayed for over 10 years, to have a home, even before we had our kids and it was just so hard, because everything was too expensive, for us and as our kids began to grow we couldn’t afford the payment.” THEY SAY GETTING A HOME WITH HABITAT FOR HUMANITY TOOK PATIENCE. “It’s been a long process, we applied before once, and we weren’t able to get in, but the second time God blessed us.” THE FAMILY PUT IN MORE THAN FOUR HUNDRED HOURS WORKING ON THE HOUSE. TUESDAY AT HABITAT FOR HUMANITY’S YEARLY HOUSE DEDICATION — ANDREY AND OLGA THANKED SOME OF THE 125 WORKERS WHO SPENT 3500 HOURS BUILDING THE HOME. “We’re actually in one of the bedrooms now, this home is larger than a traditional Habitat house, there are five bedrooms in this home, three upstairs and two downstairs.” GLEN HAWBAKER CONSTRUCTION REMOVED ROCK FROM THE FOUNDATION FOR FREE AND OTHER LOCAL GROUPS PITCHED IN… “CPI students actually built the kitchen cabinets and installed them for us.” “That flat spot is actually, the student chapter of habitat for Humanity from Penn State is designing, their architectural engineer majors all designed a playground, a climbing structure.” THE DEDICATION ENDED WITH A PRAYER OF GRATITUDE. “I want to thank everyone and the willingness to come out and help and to give my family a home, because it was just a dream and it’s become a reality and I just want to give all the praise to you my Lord, amen.” HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF GREATER CENTRE COUNTY WILL BREAK GROUND ON ANOTHER BELLEFONTE HOME IN LATE JULY. FAMILIES INTEREST IN APPLYING TO BE THE NEXT HABITAT FAMILY CAN DO SO IN AUGUST. TO FIND OUT HOW TO APPLY YOU CAN GO TO WE ARE CENTRAL PA DOT COM. IN BELLEFONTE, CENTRE COUNTY, DAVID KAPLAN, WTAJ NEWS.

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