Faith Takes a Chance on the Mystery Wedge | Wheel of Fortune

(audience clapping) – [Pat] Well, it could get
interesting in a hurry, let’s start with a letter. – S. – One S. Well, it’s a minimal risk, $1,000. You could turn it into 10,000, I assume you’re gonna do it, huh? – Absolutely. – [Pat] All right, let’s have a peek. We don’t wanna see bankrupt,
we wanna see the 10 grand, and we see the 10 grand. (audience cheering) All right, what do you wanna do? – [Woman] I’d like to solve the puzzle. – [Pat] All right, say everything, don’t add anything, go ahead. – [Woman] Yard, garage, bake, estate. – Yeah, wow. (audience cheering) I didn’t think it was
ever getting back to you. Look at that. Wow, what’d you get there? All together, when you
add this 10 grand in, $13,950 you have. (audience clapping) More good news, certainly
for someone at home, when you win the 10
grand, someone else does. Here we go with that info.


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