Faith Goldy: Special Gun Rights for Muslims?!

All right, so it won’t come as a surprise to a lot of you that I love firearms. I own them. I shoot them I’m a sports shooter, and I also because I’m a Canadian have a gun license I’ve got a Pal and an ar pal in in Canada What’s customary is that yours expires on your birthday? So my birthday’s in June, so I thought hey I’m gonna go renew mine online So I head to the firearms website here in this great country and because I’m a nerd I proceeded to read the entirety of the website In which I find this interesting little section that says these are the people who cannot renew their firearms license online if you are requesting a “religious exemption from providing a photograph with your license” and you know that really piqued my interest, I thought wait a second you’re allowed religious exemptions for having a photograph on your firearms license, so I followed up I wrote to the RcMP and asked them if this was I don’t know some sort of a colossal typo Or if this was indeed the case And I want to show you the answer that I got from the RCMP media spokes [person] Who hears from me quite a bit to be honest Alright, pardon me just bear with me because I want to read this for you, to you in full as for section 14 One in the firearms licenses regulation a signed photograph must show a full Front view of an Applicant’s head and shoulders and showing the applicants face Unobscured by any object. That makes sense we want to see your whole face that makes sense But it goes on. If an applicant is not able to provide a photo that meets the above requirements for religious reasons they may be granted an exception based on section 14 -2 so then I go and look up section 14 – 2 and all that asks for is a declaration of your religion basically by you signed by you and then a declaration signed by an individual who is of the same religion as you and is authorized under the laws of the province to perform marriages I don’t know about you, but [I’m] just a touch sketched out about that I’m also a little bit Confused because I thought that this prime minister was Moving in the direction of more gun control and I’ll be honest by and large more gun control Does not equate to less crime, but if we’re going to have licenses heck It’d be really really nice to be able to see your face [and] hey There’s a bit of a niqab elephant in the room isn’t there. We know what this is about so I figured Let’s put it to the test. How about we call the RCMP firearms licensing department? [I’m] gonna do it on speakerphone for you, and I’m gonna say then I’m applying for a license But I wish to wear a niqab. Let’s see how it goes RcMp Canadian firearms program (bonjour) Jocelyn speaking. How can I help you? Hi there Jocelyn, how are you? I’m great and yourself. Very well, thank you. I’ve just finished completed and passed my Pal and R pal courses and (great) I haven’t yet submitted in my application, but I’m just a little bit concerned about For the firearms licensing I understand we require a photograph However, I’m a fully veiled woman, and I’m just wondering how that works Okay, which province are you calling from? Ontario. Okay. The office there I guess it’s only open for just a few more minutes um Let me check and see I know that like is there any way that you you can get a photo exemption form filled out, or…. I think I can do that is there one available? Okay, just one second, one sec [alright], so in order for a photo exemption to be to go through you would be required to have a Declaration from your religious organization or group stating that they are exempt from sending a photograph and that’s it and then so then how would my license look is it just with my name and my height and and Kind of my date of birth and stuff like that Yes, and then so… There just would not be a photo. Okay And then I just present just that usual license [then] when I wish to Purchase a firearm correct correct. Yeah, okay. Thank you so much for your help today You’re quite welcome now if you have any other additional questions certainly or if you’re having trouble getting [the] declaration certainly If you were to call back the firearm office in your province may be able to assist you it’s extension number seven five zero three All right, thank you so much. I appreciate it. You’re welcome. Thanks for calling all right. Bye. Bye. Bye What? I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry Really, it’s that easy [all] I have to say is that I want to be fully veiled and then I don’t have to have a picture for my firearms license How is this not already in the news how am I just learning about this ginormous? religious loophole, so if I understand them correctly I as a supposed veiled woman Maybe not even a woman just a veiled person can say it is my religion to to mask myself Essentially and then the government of Canada the RCMP and my particular provincial Cfo my chief firearms officer will sign away at a gun license in which I can pick up any sort of gun that is legal in Canada because I have a pal and an R Pal and I can just present that that little document without any sort of photo recognition on it at a bass Pro Or Cabela’s and they have to legally provide me with a firearm Even though they have no idea who in the hell is underneath that mask Welcome to Canada. Wow. For the Rebel Media. I’m Faith Goldie We talk a lot about firearms and Kooky Canadian laws for more click below and subscribe to our YouTube [channel]


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