Faith Evans’s Reaction to Hopelessly in Love

(upbeat music) Please welcome Faith Evans. (cheering) (clapping) Oh it’s so good to see you. Now, before you cross, uncross, shoe-cam please. Booty boot, booty boot. Yeah! Sensible. (laughing) They look comfortable. They are actually. Yeah welcome back home. Thank you. Yeah. (cheering) I’m kind of upset that you moved, and you love it out there. Because you are new york, you’re Newark, you’re Jersey, you’re us. I am. (cheering) What do you find so attractive about living out there? Oh wow. LA is actually a great place to live. I mean if you know the right area to live in. Yeah. I live near the beach and near the airport. (laughing) So you can flee the scene of the crime. Exactly. All right so you’ve been married to Stevie J who’s sitting right there. Yeah! (cheering) I have to say, I didn’t believe it when I heard about it. I thought you were doing this for reality TV. The three of us, we talked on the phone about this. I thought you were lying about this until you really broke it down and explained. I guess, you know, people grow up and they grow into themselves. And so you’ve been married for how long? A little over a year and a half. (clapping) But you were seeing each other on the down low? For a moment before that? We were never seeing each other on the down low. On the down low? No I’m just saying- I was about to say, I was never nobody’s, nothing like that. I’m just saying three years. I was dating you for three years. No, not quite. But we were dating, it wasn’t on the down low. We dated for a couple of years and then we broke up. But then you got married and (murmurs) We knew each other- I know, I know. But us dating, definitely started in what? 2015, 2016? Yeah 2016. When I was working on The King and I ablum. Yeah We weren’t dating like- Yeah, I’d never heard anything about either one of you. (laughing) And I just kissed her and it was on after that. (cheering) Now look here rat face. Let me talk to your wife, okay? (laughing) I love your husband. I love him too. You know what? He scares me though. I love him, but he scares me. Why? I don’t know. Because it’s Stevie. Because I’ve always been the bad guy, but I’m actually the good guy. No you’re gonna- I am. He really is a good guy. We got 10 kids between us. I know. 10 kids between the two of you. We’re going to break that down in a second. Last time he was in New York, and he was here without you, and he called me up. I’m gonna talk rat face. You can talk. Now look, he called me up. He goes, “Let’s go for dinner.”. I said, “Okay, but let’s call Faith. We’re going to get her on FaceTime right now. We’re going to call Faith. So that she understands we’re going for dinner.” and then, you didn’t answer the phone. But I said then, call Savannah, your daughter. And you called Savannah. We had her on the face thing, and we had a lovely dinner. Absolutely. But there’s something about him. Like he’s lovably horrible. (laughing) Oh he is not. Okay 10 kids between all of you. Now, you’ve got four. Chyna was before Biggie, she’s beautiful by the way. Thank you (clapping) Shes really grown up to something. And then, of course, CJ is in the beige hat. That’s Biggie Jr. And then you have- Joshua is on the other side of Chyna. Was that with your ex-husband? Yes, Josh is 21. Then you have another son. We have his picture separate. He’s the one, you have an autism foundation that your working with for him. Yes. And that is also with your ex-husband? Yes Ryder is my ex-husband Todd’s son as well. Okay. So that would be four kids with you. Now Stevie has six kids and eight baby’s mothers. (laughing) Now see, faith I love you for loving this man, because he needs something. (laughing) Wait listen. Hey, he was spreading his oats for a minute. Yeah. But you know he has great children. But he said he doesn’t want anymore kids. Oh that’s so not true. We got twins in the oven right now. No. (cheering) I’m just joking. No, I just gained a little weight after we got married, that’s all. You look good. Listen, he came with me to the gynecologist the other day to inquire about my egg count, and all of that stuff. Because he’s really seriously, you know- Yeah, we should have a surrogate. Everybody’s doing it. Oh my god. (laughing) I don’t know about that. I can’t just see you all laughing and cooking all day. We do definitely laugh all day. Yeah. And cooking. I cook not as much as I like to but- He said he likes to cook. I just let her cook because that’s my wife, but my recipes, you know, they’re masterful. He has two or three things that are- Two or three? Okay. Are we going for dinner tonight? Because I talked to you guys on the way from the airport. Yes, we certainly can do that. Yes, we’ll go for dinner later on tonight. (clapping) You’ll be there though, right? I will. I think I was asleep when you guys went out before. I go to bed at 8 o’clock. Exactly that’s what he said. You go to bed early. You like to be a home woman. Which, that’s good because you’ve been through a lot. All right this special, and we all saw it over the weekend. Faith is not happy with how it depicted her. Talk about it faith. Actually I wouldn’t say so much how it depicted me. Just the story. The truth of the matter is that, and this is with no disrespect to the network, or the producers. What I thought that I was signing up to do was specifically a love story about how Big and I fell in love. How did you fall in love Faith? How’d you fall in love? Look at you, he looks 12 and you look 10. So, what had happened? It was very fast. I took him home from that photo shoot that they mentioned. The photo shoot in the convertible? Was that the one? No, no, no, no. The photo shoot that Puff had when I first signed to the label. All the bad boy artists. That’s how Big and I met. Okay. So we just started hanging out pretty much every day after that. And then? And then about two or three weeks he said, “I’m going to marry you.”. And then did you get married with like a reverend Al Sharpton in a private hotel room? (laughing) or did you? Because I don’t remember a big ceremony. No, we went to Rockland Coutny, to a courthouse. Because one of my good friends from Jersey had just got married up there, and her told me how easy it was. Big was with me when he was talking about it, and he actually had me call that guy and put him on the phone. Did Mrs. Wallace know? Did you call her on the way up there? Mrs. Wallace didn’t know. Nobody knew. Even Wendy didn’t know. (laughing) Oh that’s a good picture. She was really mad at him for not telling her. Yeah but she loves you. Oh no, we have a great relationship. And you two man over the estate? Yes we are co-administrators of Big’s estate. Which takes me back to my answer to your question. Okay It wasn’t so much how I’m depicted. It’s just that I would have never done something to put Big’s legacy back. They threw Tupac in it. Like you and the Tupac thing? Yeah he’s nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That’s an amazing thing. That’s good. Make sure ya’ll vote for him. (calpping) but I’m just saying. She was able to make that happen after. They didn’t even Want to name the street after him that he grew up on. Mrs. Wallace has done a lot of hard work, on behalf of her son’s legacy. I just felt a way about this piece just re-hashing the things that we’ve already heard. I thought that it was not about those things. That’s all. I have to be true to me. Yeah, no we appreciate that. (cheering) And, back in that day, I know I was the town crier for everything going on. And I had no idea that you found out about Big and Kim by listening to my radio show. Oh shoot. (laughs) Well I listened to your show everday. Like everyone else did. I wouldn’t say I found out, but that certainly was like, “Hmm”. I actually found out because I asked him. Kim was a guest on my radio show. I asked her because, the streets had been talking about Kim and Big. We didn’t know that you and Big were married. You know what I’m saying? Like we didn’t know that. So, Kim and Big being together was like, not a big deal, just more like excitement. Oh the junior mafia. You know Steve’s up in there, and Big, and Puff. What’s your relationship now with Kim? We’ve actually, I like to say I’ve re-acquainted myself with her because we really didn’t get to build a friendship back then. He initially tried to forge that, Big did, but obviously things (laughs) Knowing that he was doing both of you. Exactly. None the less. Men. I’ve re-acquainted myself with her and I honestly wish that we would have been cool back then. Because do you know? I’m such a good planner. Oh we would have got him real good. (laughs) (clapping) We would have got him really, really good. Okay. (laughing) Are you going to see her while you’re in New York? I doubt it because we’re doing meetings and stuff, and we have to go to Jersey to see family. Yeah, yeah. So the murderer of Big has never been caught. What are your thoughts with that, and are you and Mrs. Wallace still pursuing that? Well, the case, I wouldn’t say it’s done. Basically we chose not to keep spending money the attorneys. Fighting them to admit what they know. I do believe a lot of things have happened since we were last in court that have moved in our favor. However, it’s just such, you know, that infrastructure with the legal system. The police. I mean, there’s a lot of things that they do know. We believe they do know who killed Big. We believe we know. But at the same time- Is that person walking around the streets, or is that person locked up in jail? I don’t think so, no. We heard the person was killed. (gasps) Yeah. Thank you. Was killed after Big’s murder by the way. I don’t want anybody to think I’m talking about the wrong person. Right, right. Well, I wish you and Stevie all the best in your marriage. We’ll have dinner tonight. Thank you. (cheers) Thank you so much for coming back. I haven’t seen you in years. I know Hopelessly In Love airs Fridays, at nine o’clock on Lifetime. (upbeat music)


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