Faith Build 2017- Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity

(light pop music) (saw buzzing) (hammering) – I think it’s really important to help people become homeowners. They’re working side-by-side
with us to build their home. It really impacts the
larger community too. People see members from the community helping to build a home and really caring for one
another as our neighbors, and that’s what we’re
called to do as Christians is to care for each other. – Today, the churches are out
helping me build my house. We have been working long hours and they’re helping our
dreams come true today. Just the fact that they could
be doing something else, but they’re not. They’re here working and
they’re helping me get a home. It’s just a truly, truly amazing blessing. – When I started working
with Habitat for Humanity, one of my biggest desires was to be able to involve a lotta
churches in our mission. We’re a Christian nonprofit. Working with the churches
is a natural partnership. The only way that Habitat for
Humanity can do our mission is to have lots of partners. A lot of our families have their children going into college. A lot of ’em are finding really good jobs. And when we look at the next generation and we see the successes
that they’re having, that’s a huge win because you’re
ending a cycle of poverty. – About a year ago, we were approached by Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity as whether we wanted to get together on this thing called Faith Build. It means a lot to be able to give to those that maybe don’t have all the
opportunities that others do. This is one way for us
to be able to do it. Whether it’s financially,
whether it’s physically, pounding nails on a site,
this is what it’s all about, being able to help others. – It’s an opportunity to give. There’s a lotta things I could be doing, but I know that there’s a need
for these homes to be built and I took an opportunity to do it. I think the community gets
revitalized a little bit with homeowners coming in who have a sense of what they received, and as a result they
become better citizens. – The way Habitat has impacted my life, being a single mom, being divorced, it gave my kids a sense of belonging. They became beacons of the community, going to church and having
their church build their home. They were number one in their class, they got full scholarships to college. Without homeownership, I don’t think they would’ve
become what they are today. – I would tell other pastors to absolutely start talking
to your congregation, come and talk to other churches that are involved in Faith Build. It’s been so meaningful at Grace to see people wanting
to come out in support, whether it’s making lunches or being out here on the job
site, praying for the team. It’s just really been a
full church community event and I would encourage every pastor to consider becoming
involved at the church level. – I personally do this because
when I was with companies, they never did this kind of thing. And I had a change in my life, a call that I needed
to get outta that world and do something that
God was calling me to do. We really are asking every individual, every organization out there, to step up and see what you
can do to make a difference.

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