EXUVIA (2019) | Official Trailer #1 [HD] | Starring Katherine Alpen & Rémi-Gaël Panon

Nothing can compare with the beauty of
their wings. We can only dream of this life, Hunter. Dream with me. You are Hunter. Nanny-cam hack. That’s us! It is. That’s US! Shit. My mother was once a dragonfly. I will say something. …she really was. So, so sorry. I have spoken out of turn. Can we go back inside? Please, Mama. She didn’t even leave a note. She always leaves notes, that’s her thing. …but when we are awake, we are still human. I’ll never forget our summer together. We need to float on the boundary between heaven and hell. What if I said I don’t want you to go? There is just so much beyond us. EXUVIA

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