Everything You Need to Know About the Earth’s Terminator

Our planet has a terminator. No, not a time traveling humanoid robot, but
a line where its light and dark side meet. On Earth we see the Sun rise from the East
and set in the West. But if you were looking straight down from
space, you would see half the planet lit, and the other half in total darkness. That’s the terminator. The terminator, also called solar terminator
or the “twilight zone” moves around our planet once a day. The Earth is constantly rotating, and it’s
got a little tilt to it. Our planet orbits the sun at a 23.5 degree
angle. That axial tilt causes one pole to be facing
the Sun, and the other pole facing away, which gives our planet its four seasons. And the shape of the terminator curve changes
with the seasons.The terminator is a guide for solar-powered low earth orbit satellites. They ride the line in total sunlight to take
pictures of Earth.So while the terminator doesn’t really do anything, it is good for
science! You can watch new episodes of Space Crafts
right here every Wednesday. In this edition, we break out everyone’s favorite
elementary school science experiment to explain how galactic ice volcanoes erupt on Enceladus. Thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe!


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