– Everyone’s Schedule (Employees)*

If your Manager allows you to see
Everyone’s Schedule, you will find that button
on your employee interface. Click ‘Show Everyone’s Schedule’ to go straight
to a weekly view to see when everyone’s working
at your organization. Your own shifts are shaded in green. You can click to see one day at a time,
a week at a time, a month at a time, or you can look at the chart,
which just shows very simply
who is scheduled on certain days. We also offer an In-Out chart,
so you can see everyone’s hours at a glance. Use Print to print the schedule view
that you’re currently viewing. You’ll note that the ‘My Schedule’ view is also expanded
when you’re allowed to see everyone’s schedule In addition to your weekly view,
you now have a monthly view of your own shifts
and an upcoming list of shifts. If you have a ‘View Staff List’ button,
you can see a list of all the employees in your account. You can send them a W2W message,
view their schedule,
or even view their contact information. Some employees will have declined sharing
their contact information with other employees,
so instead you’ll just see a lock. Note that you can filter this view
to just a certain position and see just those employees
who work that position. There is also an ‘On Now’ view
which will show you exactly who’s working right now
and will be working later.

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