Everyday Heroes | Episode 9: Sacrifice & Brotherhood

(upbeat, energetic music) [Bob] To us, family’s
everything, and so his love of family, his devotion to his friends, I think was extremely important
to him. I think he was a true friend that would do anything. [Bob] Yes.
[Chris] For anybody. [Tyler] lJamie was probably the
closest thing that I had to an older brother, growin’ up. Just because I looked up
to him for everything. He was a real positive
roll model, in my life. [Dave] He was an engineer in the
military because he liked building
things for people. He’s say, “Dave we got a job to
do.” And we’re doing good
things, building hospitals, building roads, building houses. Building all this stuff so that the Iraqi people
could have a better future. He truly believed that, and that’s what the Knights is
about. 19 years old and thousands
of miles away from his home, the one thing that he could
rely on was his faith, and I think that’s what I use,
that’s what I took from him is I can use my faith to help
me adapt to a new situation. I asked him, I said,
“Do you wanna go back?” He says, “If I’m not there,
my guys gotta cover my job.” and he said, “That’s not right. I remember that morning and they announced that
there had been two deaths. We didn’t blame each other. We didn’t blame the military. We just couldn’t because he was so proud
of who and what he was. [Bob] Yeah. We just couldn’t take
that away from him. [Bob] No, that was important
to him. I had called Mom and Dad and they didn’t answer so when they called, all
I could hear was crying. And I knew something was
wrong and the only words my dad could utter were. “It’s Jamie, he’s gone.” [Bob] That day a Knights of
Columbus insurance agent came over and took me aside and said,
“When you need me you call.” To me the most important
thing of being a Knight is the fraternity, ’cause we take care of each
other, and made sure that we
had whatever we needed. The Knights, I firmly
believe, saved my dad, because he was able to focus his
energy and actually talk about it
and get things off his chest and to be comfortable with it, because of the Knights of
Columbus. And when you can pour your
emotions and your work into somethin’ that
Jamie really believed in. Joinin’ the Knights, that’s probably the best day of
my life. And Jamie and I took our
first degrees together. Why David, our oldest joined. My dad, he joined our council,
and Tyler. In fact we have four generations
of Knights in our council. Little did we know how much this community
would come together for us in the events of losing our son. That’s what so wonderful
about the Knights. It’s not just the man that
joins, it’s the family. He was someone that I
wanted to model myself after. He was my hero, and that’s the most important

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