Essence of Earth [EVENT] Secret Challenge – Earth Quest Guide Black Desert Online

So finally we are finished on that stupid quest essence of metal So as you can see, we still dont have any quest from alustin So we still have to complete one daily quest As you can see iv already finished the daily quest of the previous essence quest This is the first one so the NPC is right over here as you can see there is no quest given yet Its because you need to complete another daily quest on the 3rd tower We might wan to use my Lahn character because Because my witch will have a hard time climbing up on the platforms so here we are with my Lahn EZ So we are now in the 3rd tower So we need to accept the quest here first we proceed to NPC Zairra so you see she hard the quest now To collect soils so here we are with my Witch so supposedly alustin gives a quest now actually you have options the items you need in essence of earth are these items okay we discuss this first You need Pure Lead Crystal 5 pcs You can buy it on central market for now there are lots of stocks if ever its not available in market you can melt SELETH Weapons you melt them and you will get Pure Lead Crystal Next item is Legendary Beast Blood still lots of stock in central market If there is none you can get this doing alchemy Leccinum Vicious Liquid You cant buy this. you need to farm it on CatFish Man I will show you right now where to get them Leccinum You can gather somewhere in Altinova You can gather here Vicious Liquid if a Trash loot from Catfish man monsters once you gather all 4 Use an Alchemy tool to combine them The End Product item will be the one needed in the quest So these items here Golden Mirage Quick DISCLAMER: You need 180-190 AP to farm in this spot Because the monsters here are kinda strong Roud Sulfur Works You only need one Samoga’s Molar You need 3 pieces Waragons Nest On waragon Monsters, you can get this items Obsidian Dust you need 3 pieces You can get it on Soldiers Grave Red Mercury. You only need one you can get it in HELMS You will not get any problems obtaining most of the items. Only the Golden Mirage in Valencia will be problematic if you have low AP I will List the items on the Description Below once you complete them you arrange them like this and combine You get Hexe’s Curse Its one of the items you need to unseal the earth box Okay we are now at my residence Heavy Drought These are the 2 items out of 5 used to unseal the box. I know where the essence of earth is. Its on Elric Shrine cave we are going to Heidel i did not expect that we will go inside Heidel Castle WARNING: The guards here will attack you. Be aware of them specially Archers Just dont mind them and just run straight to where the quest is Go straight. Turn Left after you reach the Stairs and Go left again after WE ARE NOW HERE AT ELRIC SHRINE CAVE SORRY FOR THE DISTRACTION IGNORE ME GETTING THE CHEST NOTHING! lol we still have to get the quest here [We go to Valencia City to Talk to Afauru the grave Robber] We need to go to Valencia City You will know who he is if you completed the Valencia City Quest We dont need to go there using horse we actually have sky baloon services we only need black stones as payments blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Not important!


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