ESO Dark Brotherhood Motif-Armor&Weapon Showcase-Dark Brotherhood Style-Elder Scrolls Online

Hello everyone and welcome to my armor and weapon showcase of the Dark Brotherhood Style in the Elderscrolls Online My name is Tianlein and in this video i will show you the Dark Brotherhood Style in all armor and weapon classes and for male and female characters Take a look in the description if you want to go direct to a specific armor or weapon You can obtain the Dark Brotherhood Motif chapters by completing Sacraments for the Dark Brotherhood A Sacrament quest can be accepted once per day by speaking to Speaker Terenus in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary These quests will take you to instanced areas to assassinate a target and you can complete one sacramentent per character per day To access the Gold Coast you need the Dark Brotherhood DLC To craft the Dark Brotherhood Style you need Black Beeswax which can drop from the Dark Brotherhood Reward Pouch from the repeatable Contract Quests You can start this contracts in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and you have to assassinate a target in zones all over Tamriel Enjoy the Video and it would be wonderful
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