Episode 4 Magic Cards Against Humanity

Guess what time it is? I’m not gonna give
you time to guess, I’m gonna tell you! it’s time for another round of magic
cards against humanity’ let’s find out what a card against humanity for today’s
episode is how am i maintaining my relationship status blossoming defense glimmer of genius underhanded designs destructive tampering an ornamental
courage hmm so for card against humanity how am i maintaining my relationship
status we’ve got some pretty good answers here but mmm I am gonna have to
choose for our magic card against humanity underhanded designs as the
answer for how I’m maintaining my relationship status thanks for watching as always leave me a
comment below and let me know which card you would have paid also subscribe to my
channel and I will see you guys next time bye this episode brought to you by
Bart sphere click the link in the description below to check them out


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