[Eng Sub] U-PRINCE Series | ตอน คิริว (Kiryu) | EP.1 [1/5]

Sawasdee ka. Chonly ka.
Sylvia ka. Welcome back to U-Report. And today, we have a chance to interview this hot guy, Kiryu. Sawasdee ka, Kiryu. Sawasdee ka. I really miss you. It’s been a while. Hey, wait a minute How could you come on to him like that? Since when you are close to him? P’Sylvia, this is wrong of you to do this. Let’s get a room. Enough. That’s funny. I hope you know that we’re just kidding All right, let’s get to our business. Can you introduce yourself? Sawasdee krup. My name is Kiryu Weller. I’m a second-year student from the Faculty of Humanities. Our first question is a basic one. How do you feel to get voted by female students and became a U-Prince ambassador? Well, at first, I felt like I won a beauty pageant title or something. But after I found out what duties of U-Prince ambassador wait for me, I thought I could become the superman. Well, I like this title, though. Okay, let’s stop beating around the bush and get to our main point. It’s the question that many girls are dying to know and want us to ask you… What type of girl do you like? Actually, there’s no specific type of girl I prefer. Because they all have different a kind of beauty. But I think I like someone who can get along well with me. “get along well with me” What if one day you meet a girl and she can’t really get along with you… but you have already fallen in love with her What would you do? Well… I’ll do everything to win her heart If I watch this at home, I probably scream my heart out when hearing this. So for all the girls out there, please take good care of yourself. Who knows, one of you may be that lucky girl and become Kiryu’s dream date. Sadly, our time is up. Until next time. Goodbye. Silence is the best answer. That’s what I believe. When I feel confused or sad. I want to isolate myself in a quiet zone to get answers. Even when I am happy, I also want to be with just myself to take in all happiness alone. Just sit and be in silence with someone who is important to me that alone makes me happy enough. Because silence can bring wisdom. How come those annoying girls can’t think of this? Who is that I don’t remember seeing her at the Freshmen Initiation It would be a miracle for someone like me to have a friend. Hello, everyone. Hey you dropped this pen. HEY! Hey, girl. What’s your name? How old are you? Where are you from? Why didn’t I see you at the Freshmen Initiation? Listen, if you have questions, you can ask me. Do you want me to tour the campus? Somebody… Help me. My name… is Pin…yin. How adorable!!! Stop teasing her, you dumbass. It’s just an introduction. Nice to meet you. Pinyin. Great, he’s gone. Everyone, may I have your attention? My name is Kiryu. I’m your second-year senior. I want to make an official announcement here. Going forward… Pinyin is the junior under my care. Please take note of this. No. No! I don’t want any senior to take care of me. Someone, please take him away. I was informed by a professor earlier So I know that your name is Pinyin. You have just transferred to study here from China, right? So you missed the initiation ceremony That’s why the professor wants me to be your senior mentor and take care of you. And actually you don’t need to address me as I’m older, P’Ryu or P’Kiryu. or Oh-so-gorgeous P’Ryu. From your profile, you are the same age as me. No way… what crap is this? But I really mean it when I said you were adorable. Sorry, but I don’t want any senior mentor. Hey, I’m sorry if I scare you away. I think you have found a real challenge. Just wait and see. What is this adorable lady doing here? Huh? Let’s sit at my table. Come on Come on Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Hi, bro. I’m right here. Woah, a rock girl this time? You are bored of Coyote girls already? That man, his name is P’Gawk. And this, his name is P’Hippo And this is Pinyin. She is the first year under my care. No, she’s my new friend. Sawasdee ka. Sawasdee ka. Watch out for this bloke. he’s such a flirty. Come on, bro. Be considerate to my good looks. I would like to excuse myself. Wait. Don’t you want to finish that first? He could be sad if you don’t. Take a seat and finish your food. Well, I need to get a drink. You can have mine. Uh… But I want to get something that can fulfill my stomach. Hey, lady. That box of milk. You haven’t opened it yet, right? Can I buy it? That’s your drink. Pinyin. Hey, Pinyin. Wait, Pinyin. It’s that I’m having a small party tonight. And I want you to join. Since you get here, you haven’t made friends with anyone yet, right? Can you take me as your friend? A friend? I don’t need that. I can live without one. This is my name card. There’s my number, my email contact. You can reach out to me 24/7. If you are done, please excuse me. Hold on. You are yet… to accept my kindness. Happy now? Then, I’m heading out now. I’ll buy this back to you later. See you. Hold on. Done. When you eat messy like this, you look really cute, you know? Don’t forget to join the party tonight. Cause I’m taking you to an alumni party. An alumni party? You are going to say that you have a plan already, right? Yes, I have a date with my male friend, tonight Pinyin, I… Hey, what’s wrong?


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