Empower your people with Project Cortex

As a new project manager,
I need to quickly take on a lot of processes and projects.
At first this seemed impossible. How can I quickly learn about projects and
find all the related content and experts? Luckily, we have Project Cortex, and it’s easy to tap into
my organization’s knowledge. By connecting content and
people in my organization, Project Cortex puts the information
I need in the apps I use every day. Let me give you a few examples. When I hover over a project name,
I get a topic card that tells me what I need to know about the project,
including descriptions, internal experts, and related content,
right within the flow of my work. To get more depth,
I access the topic page, which is automatically created
with AI and reviewed by our experts. Now my team and I can quickly
learn about the project or discover related topics –
from anywhere in Microsoft 365. When we upload new project documents,
Project Cortex automatically tags and organizes them. This allows us to easily manage knowledge,
find what matters, streamline processes,
and gain insights. Using Project Cortex,
I can learn faster, contribute to my team and projects,
and manage content with the power of AI. And my company can better manage security
and compliance for our most valuable content. Learn more about Project Cortex


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