Elon Musk’s Future for Humanity – Neuralink

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squad this is this tends to plague plague smart people that you just can’t
that their defined themselves by their intelligence and they they don’t like
the idea that the machine could be way smarter than them so they discount the
idea which is fundamentally flawed that’s the wishful thinking the
situation neural link is a company founded by Elon Musk his plan for this
company as he puts it is to save the human race the main idea behind saving
the human race is to develop a hard drive that can be implanted in the brain Ilan’s main goal is to wire this chip
sized hard drive into the brain merging biological and artificial intelligence
into one mind he argues that without taking this
drastic measure Humanity is doomed but when I say everything like the robots
will be able to do everything I have exposure to the very most cutting-edge
AI and I think people should be really
concerned about it I keeps not sounding Li long belt but you know until people
see like robots going down the street killing people like they don’t know how
to react Elon has publicly stated his fear of the
rapid growth in AI development he claims that improving the cognitive
function of the brains and humans is the only way for our species to remain
competitive in the world to come this type of technology has been on the
horizon for years and remains controversial some people argue that
this will be the only way for humans to keep up with artificial intelligence as
it develops and others argue that something like this could remove what
makes us human entirely one thing is certain this is coming and when it does
we will have to decide if we are going to accept or reject this new technology hey guys thanks for watching don’t
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