Elon Musk Says The Next Step In Mankind Is Colonizing Space

you came along two years after Apollo 11
and yet space seems to be in your marrow all 11 landing on the moon was probably
the most inspiring thing in history it certainly inspired me I’m not sure
SpaceX would exist if not for all 11 Elan musk is the founder CEO and lead
designer of SpaceX short for Space Exploration Technologies his privately held company makes rockets
and spacecraft I kept expecting that we would continue beyond Paulo eleven that
we would have a base on the moon that we would be sending people to Mars and here
we on 2019 the United States actually does not yet have the ability to send
people even to low-earth orbit which is why SpaceX is one of the companies that
delivers cargo to the International Space Station while the Russians
transport cruise that’s because NASA’s space shuttle
program ended in 2011 it may be sad about the future you know when you get
up in the morning what fires you up like what gets you excited about being alive
here at SpaceX headquarters in the Los Angeles suburb of Hawthorne what excites
this 48 year old billionaire is the idea that lots of human beings might one day
live on other planets especially Mars one of the sweetest spots in all the
world for people who love space is pad 39a the best private best pad t-minus 15
seconds it’s the pad that sent Apollo 11 to the moon many of NASA’s most
memorable missions began here as well hallowed ground at the Kennedy Space
Center in Florida you’re looking at a live view of the Falcon Heavy on
historic launch pad 39a I can’t believe we got to use this path and then my
question is saying honor what is that Wow like we’re not worthy to be sure
since its founding in 2002 SpaceX has had many achievements it’s the first
private company to launch orbit and recover a spacecraft and watch its
historic recovery of an orbital Rockets first stage landing safely on an ocean
platform there have also been a number of setbacks along the way
musk often uses the expression rapid reusability ye argues should Rockets
make only one trip like an aircraft like when aircraft lands you only expect to
refuel it maybe replace your water and food clean up yeah exactly it’s minor if
the normal expectation is that you can reef light that the plane very rapidly
you can turn around in an hour and fly somewhere else this is what happenes
happen with rockets Elon Musk isn’t the only billionaire thinking big Shirley
Shirley Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic will offer commercial space
flights for tourists and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has founded Blue Origin in hopes
of building space colonies I think it’s good what Jeff Ellis is doing with Blue
Origin you know occasionally I’ll like rub him a little bit but you know I
think it’s good what he’s doing and musk is an only thinking big nice think he’s
fast regular trips to the space station – Louis crew to the space station rooted
in the spaceman my guess is about six months visiting the moon well this is
gonna sound pretty crazy but we’re certainly with an with an uncrewed
vehicle I believe we could land on the moon in two years but always on his
horizon the planet Mars sending crews to Mars in four years I think that that
sounds pretty doable like internally we would aim for to two years and then a
reality might be full one day he even imagined cities on the red planet to
have a self-sustaining city on Mars now you’re gonna select okay how you can
get a million tons Mars literally million tons and that’s some serious
payload that’s the yeah in the long run there’s no telling what
lies ahead for inhabitants of our planet earth but Elon Musk says he wants
humanity to survive wherever we make our home you want to
believe that we’re gonna be out there among the stars and that’s that’s the
thing that I mean I get really excited about if that kind of future I think
most people do you


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