Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Uprising

(Image source: Twitter / @AnEyeOnEgypt) BY ELIZABETH HAGEDORN Reconciliation is looking less likely by the
day in Egypt. Now, the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for an uprising after dozens of
its supporters were shot dead Monday. Here’s amateur video reportedly taken outside
the Republican Guard in Cairo’s Nasr City where it’s believed ousted president Mohamed
Morsi is being held. (Via YouTube / BeladeyVideo)  Supporters were holding a peaceful sit-in
before they were fired on, leaving at least 40 dead and 300 injured. (Via YouTube / AhmedTold)  Egypt’s military, which removed Morsi from
power last week, said a “terrorist group” was to blame, but the Brotherhood is accusing
the army of storming the barracks. (Via euronews)  As the country struggles to put new leadership
in place, the two conflicting narratives only add to escalating tensions between the pro-
and anti-Morsi factions.  “These are supporters of former President
Morsi who say they’re going to stay here. They’re camping out until the man they still
regard as their president is reinstated.” (Via BBC)  As protests continue, the Muslim Brotherhood
is calling for a national uprising from those who want to quote, “steal the revolution with
tanks.” This follows the arrest of its leader and warrants issued for several other key
Islamist figures. (Via Al Jazeera)  Meanwhile, the formation of the new government
has been marked with confusion, much like the aftermath of Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow.
(Via CBS) The director of the Middle East Center at
the London School of Economics explained to USA Today:
“You have a very fragile democratic experience in Egypt. We are back to square one.” In response to the shootings, the ultra conservative
Nour party has pulled out of talks with the new government — which means more bad news
for Adly Mansour, the country’s interim prime minister, who has been struggling for days
to form a new government.


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