Education In America Test #2 Presentation: Humanism

Hi, Alec Hello I didn’t know you were responsible They trust you, man *mumbles* But, Ms. Piercefield is looking over your shoulder I don’t blame her I’m just making sure he doesn’t need help I’m just starting a fight I’m not successful, apparently Ben (Poor perspective), are you watching this? Ben?! Trying to start a fight They don’t fight Go for it, thank you Alrighty Humanists Like to ‘Pardy Our interpretation of the education department’s philosophy We believe We believe that all students have the ability to learn Student-centered learning encourages different points of view And then learning should be active, engaging and thought provoking And this … is Jeopardy *Awk cheering* So, to let you know, guys If you want to clap when we get answers right Just … go for it I’m your host, Alec Trebek And we are now going to be starting With these questions Mikayla, could you please give us our First question today I’ll go for Let’s go for Home for $100 Home for $100 The place where the learner’s values are first instilled Mikayla What is home? What is home, that is correct What is our next question, Mikayla? Values for – I’m feeling the $100, again Alrighty, values for $100 Influenced by cultural norms, traditions, and beliefs Mikayla What are values? What? What are values? You are correct – Alright, Mikayla what is our next question – I feel like I am doing so well Let’s go for – Values for $500 Values for $500 Terminal Values Megan What are the idealized end states that you hope to achieve In your life or that you hope will come to characterize the world around you? And that is correct Megan, what is our next question Let’s go with – -Wrong! Teacher for $300 Teacher for $300 One of the many strategies teachers use To assist student learning Mikayla What are – whiteboards? Buzz-buzz Sydnee What are – learning styles? What are learning styles – correct I’ll take teachers for $500 Teacher for $500 Culturally responsive teaching What is a way of integrating value with different Aspects of diversity in the classroom? That is correct Megan, what is our next question Umm Let’s go with faith for $500 Faith for $500 Increases because of the result of globalization, The explosion of mass media, And mass immigration Mikayla What is – claustrophobia? Buzz-buzz Megan What is the need for faith and diveristy in the classroom? Correct Alright What is this last question Let’s do learner for $400 Learner for $400 A learner’s attitude towards the diversity of faith in the classroom Mikayla What is – rebellion? Buzz-buzz Sydnee What is mutual respect? Mutual respect, that is correct We are about out of time, folks So we are going to engage in Final Jeopardy Where these three young ladies Are going to write down their answers To our question The Final Jeopardy question is – Er – the topic is Humanism And the final question is – The teaching philosophy that emPHAsizes The goodness of the individual Creativity and discovery And engage in active learning *Jeopardy theme* Time’s up Show us your answers That is all correct What is Humanism? And that ends up with uh – That is the end of that So Humanism, reminds us of our sponsor So thank you so much today, Humanism That is not Humanism It’s an invisible link There we go Humanism The humanist teacher understands the students’ diversities And how the affect a warm and kind learning environment Students learn to – learn in creative and engaging ways Warning: Humanism is not recommended for children under the age of five Thank you and good night

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