My mom sent me some pictures that I drew as a child And uh… One of them looks so… *laughs at drawings* This.. this is a self-portrait I did when I was young And I thought, applying my.. My recent um.. y’know, Photoshop skills I’m gonna make myself look like I did there *laugh* For f**ks sake Why? Stop I have this pre-prepared image That we’re going to use as shaping material is this a good idea of an entertaining video? Prob… Probably not, probably not Oh my god-hahahaha Ok… For f**ks sake First off, we need the shape of the head to be correct *heavy breathing and clicking sound of a pro editor* *intense Jurassic Park theme music* (dat face) *Music swells and gets more intense* *sometimes god allows what he hates, to accomplish what he loves* *sudden laughter* I love my facial expression as well, it fits perfectly I predicted the hair color pretty well, except mine looks more like uh… I’m wearing a waffle or something *laughter* Although, the nose is spot on *laughter* Poor nose This curse with this giant nose is not fair Alright, let’s move the eyes i guess I guess I don’t have eyebrows, technically Yeah, that doesn’t look terrifying at all. *laughter* Aww, this is beautiful. We’re getting there, we’re getting there. *Airwolf theme, intense and techno* *lips smacking and swallowing* I’m getting scared I am getting scared *laughter* What I’m looking at… Aww, okay, And, moving on… to the nose Shouldn’t be much… changement.. required, honestly. I think I captured this horrific thing pretty well. *sounds of phone dialing* *flamboyant male voice (FMV) picks up* My god, hi Daddy. *PewDiePie* Hey. *FMV* How are you doing? You calling about your dildo machine? *PewDiePie* Uh, the… *FMV interupts* Yeah? *PewDiePie* The, what’s it called, like, the speed meter doesn’t work… I don’t know how fast I’m going. The blinkers doesn’t work *FMV* Well, the blinkers just go over your eyes, Baby. The speed meter doesn’t work, you’re just supposed to set it to pump as hard as you like, Baby. How’s it fell in your ass when it’s going? *PewDiePie* Uh, it made me a little nautious driving, because I feel so wierd *FMV* Oh, well maybe it’s just you *PewDiePie* No, it’s definitely you. *FMV* Listen, I gotta go, okay Daddy? Call me later, when you finish your little drawing. *PewDiePie* Okay, talk to you later, bye bye. *laughter* Y’know, I predicted it pretty well, I think a, y’know, what an artist. Jeeeesus Christ I wanna die I wanna die a horrible death. I also have this amazing photograph I mean, it looks like a photograph of me when I am 64 years old Wow, uhh *laughter* Okay… Well, I have a… Slightly disproportionate neck, I would say. Uh, that’s fine. Completely fine Why am I doing this? I wonder if the younger version of myself Would be impressed, or just thi- b- thinking I’m a f**king moron *Tetris music, techno and happy* *laughter* Uhh.. My God.. Yes.. *laughter* I really predicted the future well, didn’t I? Um, for some reason, I am f**king red as he- f**k Yeah, we need to adjust that. That- That seems pretty accurate, I would say. Um, I did not have any hair, however, on the top, so let’s get rid of that *old Towne feeling music* Clearly, uh, y’know in, in the future, I’m a lot happier than I am on this f**king picture So let’s try and adjust that. *laughter* Oh, my, go-d. *sigh* For some reason, my eyes are f**kin’ green? Greenish? I am slowly starting to become The son of Satan *laughter* Okay, let’s do the glasses *animated fight style song* And there’s the result *laughter* That’s actually kinda funny I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, because this video is probably going to be out later, but this came out today, it’s f**king hilarious You can basically draw any stick figure and this computer will make it into a cat I’m not joking I’ll show you. *chill music Okay, are you ready? Are you ready? *laughter* What the f**k happened here? God damn it. Which also, of course, means you can have cat penis’ Sciene have done a great deed today. It does, honestly, not look bad. *laughter* *clap* Yes! It’s a spider cat! Of course! of course it’s a spider cat! What else could it be? What about boob cat? Oh.. *rough deep edgar voice* No, Felix, Please.. Do not turn me into that demon.. I don’t want to, please, don’t do it! No.. No… NOoo *back to normal voice, laughter* It’s cute! CUTE! What if cats were humans? A question that should never have been- *intense voice* answered No one should ever have known what it meant. *back to normal* F**king hell… Yeah, this looks pretty good. *dramatic music, getting progressively louder* *laughter* Yes. Yes. Hell yeah. Alright, what about f**king Keemstar? I dunno. *Harsh negitive beep* I can’t look at this. I can’t, I don’t wanna.. *dramatic music* *yelling* Ahhhh! *yelling* Woah! *yelling* No! This is why you should never play with science.


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