Ecology = Humanism | Tristan Lecomte, Pur Projet

I think it’s too late to be pessimistic.
You have to believe in doing things! Before we were thinking that
environmentalists were against humans, just to protect birds against
human life. But now we understand that ecology it’s not to defend nature. It’s
to be nature that defends itself. We are nature: We eat, we breathe, we are
part of nature. And now we understand that ecology is a humanism.
It’s to protect…when I see “protect the planet,” “save the planet,” the planet
doesn’t need us at all. We need to preserve the future of humanity. We work
for the next generations. So environmentalists are humanists and we have to understand that when we do that it’s for everybody’s good – it’s not
against. But it’s true that before when I started in 1998 you were an
environmentalist or you were a businessman. The planet is so destroyed
that to me the two main levers for creating growth and employment is: New
tech and sustainability / environmental services. The two together – it’s a
bomb! So I think it’s great that ChangeNOW
organised this event. Tech4good I think is the most powerful idea I’ve ever heard.
For example with the IPI we developed a blockchain registry. It’s really
helpful to register the claims and follow up the engagements of companies. So this is what I would say and otherwise for social entrepreneur I
would say serendipity: like let yourself go – believe in your intuition. When I
started in 98 all my friends were thinking I’m going hippie, smoking too
much marijuana. But no now they want to engage in that. We really have to believe
our intuition. Some ask me “shall I go first to a big company to make my
skills and then go to a small one?” I say say NO NO NO! Don’t learn the wrong way of doing, better learn straight away the right way of doing. And then the last word
would be pugnacity: to never let it go. I mean to let go but to never give up yeah because one day you will overcome your issues and that’s how
you are successful!


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