Tell me a bit about yourself.Hello! So…I was Earth’s last hope.Backed into a corner
by an army of minions.
I had one chance before they engulfed me
and the Earth was doomed.When I started to think of Clara…
..power surged through my veins.
Bam!Blasted them all away in one fell swoop!I started to run as fast as I could.
I looked up…
..and there they were!
The Doom twins.
I threw my cape to the side and I…
..punched the ground and flew at them.
Ha! Ursula Doom, she tried to escape.I used my ice powers to freeze her.
Then Bernard Doom,
he tried to fire a ray gun at me. (SCOFFS) I was too fast!
And suddenly…
I was in his face.
Got the dude!
Got the chick!
It’s pretty much
whyyou’re here right now.
Can you work Saturdays nine to five
and stack shelves? (ALL) Yeah. Subtitles by Access Subtitling


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