Earth SOS (part 1): The Crisis

This video is about your life. And my life. And mine. And mine. Today, we are all linked together in one common destiny. Wherever we are. You and I on this planet. This video is about us. We are people of the world. And we are appealing to you. And we are appealing to you. Our home planet is in crisis. And this is Her final wake up call to us. The hour is late. It’s time to decide. I’m quite confident that you will make the choice wisely. In addressing global warming issues, the scientists have made it quite clear… Climate change, as a self inflicted wound, if you like… … can wipe out the very meager assets. We have a climate crisis that is a planetary emergency. It’s hard for people to realize this because you don’t notice much happening; global warming is about one degree Celsius with weather variations are much larger than that from one day to another. So you don’t notice that there is a crisis, but in fact, we are at a crisis point now because we are very close to passing tipping points in the climate system that would have very undesirable consequences. In fact, we’ve actually passed one tipping point, And that’s the Arctic Ocean. We’ve already reached a point where we’re going to lose all of the ice in the Arctic Ocean. We are already seeing record temperatures around the world and with it we are seeing species going extinct, we’re seeing sea levels rise and coastal flooding, we are seeing spreading diseases and we are seeing more extreme weather. What we are seeing now is just the beginning of what’s predicted if we let things get worse. The IPCC, the UN (United Nations) climate panel got it right. We are basically operating on data that is now four or five years old, they made predictions about what the Earth system, what the climate system would look like in the future. Now we have something like four or five years more data. And it turns out that we’re on their worse case trajectory or worst case scenario that they defined or maybe even worse. If those in this august gathering do not act on time, all of us will become leaders and citizens of fail states. Because we would be failing in our sacred duty to protect this planet, which gives lives to all species. Science leaves us with no space for inaction now. This video is about us. The climate crisis is staring at us right in the face. Can we, as the human race, react fast enough to save ourselves? It took nature one hundred fifty thousand years to make the great Greenland Ice Sheet. That’s now melting into the sea faster than any time in history. As it disappears, rising oceans will flood coastal cities around the world. This global warming, they do not respect any borders. They do not respect any religions or races, poor or rich. So we will be the victims. It is a worldwide crisis. It will affect you. The devastating effects of global warming may be much more imminent than most people realized. Hidden in the bottom of the ocean is a little known factor that could accelerate the whole process. massive deposit of frozen methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The amount of methane in the ocean is much more larger than the amount of methane and CO2 that we can get from fossil fuel. If the ocean gets warm enough, the methane will defrost and rise from the ocean into the atmosphere. Global warming will suddenly get a steroid injection. If that happens, we will be passed the tipping point. Colossal hurricanes would hammer the earth. The ocean will become too hot to support much lives. Droughts, forest fires and famines would rage across the continents. Florida would be gone, completely swallowed by the rising ocean, as well as hundreds of cities all around the world. We are so, so close to the red line, that perhaps we may wake up tomorrow and find that there is nothing to save after all. Everybody should realize that. Money – useless, house – useless. power – useless, Everybody’ll be gone. So we do what we can to make people realize that. We have to save the only planet that we have and the most beautiful one that we know. While the world waits for one another to take responsibility, global warming is getting worse by the days. To save our lives, we have to help save the planet ourselves.

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