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♪ If you’ve got nothing to do ♪ ♪ Well I’ve got a couple
of tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at these vids ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s life
hacks for kids ♪ – Hi I’m Jordyn, and today’s episode is
Earth Friendly Party Hacks! (upbeat music) Uh huh oh yeah. At my birthday party
we made a lot of trash, the stuff from my
eleventh birthday will still be in the landfill
on my 111th birthday. Not cool. So, this time I’m planning
a party that’s fun and earth friendly. Starting with the invitations, my Now You Seed it Notecards! Woo! For this you’ll need
pieces of scrap paper, I got these from
the recycling bin, hot water, a spoon and container, a blender, seeds, two splatter guards
or pieces of screen, I actually got these
from the dollar store, and towels. Rip up the paper
into little pieces. (soft music) Next, add hot water to
cover all the scraps. (gentle music) I’m just going to let
it sit for a minute. Now, add to a blender, (gentle music) and blend until it’s sludgy. (gentle music) (soft mechanical whirring) Now, pour the mixture back
into the container and add the seeds and stir. (gentle music) Now, pour the mixture onto a screen, and spread it so it’s even. (gentle music) Top with the other
screen and another towel. (gentle music) Now, press to get out as
much water as possible. Let it dry. Now, use your seed paper to
make your invitation, and let your friends know
to plant the paper after. Now, your invite won’t just
get tossed in the trash after the party, it’ll have a new life! (gentle music) (snapping) (bell ringing) Whoa. And every time I look at it, I’ll remember my party. Good times. Seriously, you use it once and toss it. And it either ends
up in the ocean where it can hurt animals, or in a landfill
for a zillion years. Well, straws will be earth
friendly and fun at my party, with my super sweet straws! (snapping) (whooshing) For this you’ll need licorice. That’s it. Bite off the end. You just made a
super sweet straw. (gentle music) (laughing) Put it in your drink and enjoy. (gentle music) Tastes a little bit
like cherry cola. (gentle music) And it’s zero waste. And finally, nothing says party
like confetti. But, nothing says torture like having to clean up the
confetti piece by piece. Well, problem solved with my Leafetti. For this you’ll need, different colored leaves, and a hole punch. Punch holes in all the leaves. I got a hole punch
that does circles, and one that does hearts to make it extra cute. (gentle music) (whooshing) Now watch the fun. (low twanging) Hooray! And no need to clean up. Let nature take care
of that for you. Let go play! Hope we throw an awesome party that’s as fun as it
is earth friendly. (boinging) (dinging)

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