E03 | What do we know about good and evil? | MORALITY-03

Hello again, lovely earthlings! Welcome to
another episode of “Who Are You Talking To?” A show where we review the world, current events, and all kinds of subjects in more ways than one.
We must critically think about any topic that comes our way. We also have to
review it with a global set of standards before forming an opinion or judgment. In
this episode time to explore morality.. What are the definitions? What are the facts? Morality comes from the Latin word ‘Moralis’ which basically means manner character or proper behavior… from a particular philosophy,
religion, or culture. Morality may also be synonymous with goodness or
righteousness. Most of us learn through religious teachings. There are some people who
actually mix in religions with their cultures and values. Some learn through law and order that we establish, and we hand that responsibility to governments. Others view: academics, scientific findings; astrology, the cosmos; technology and or social media; sometimes.. nothing at all. Now I need ‘you two’ to tell us how
many beliefs there are, and what I need to make sure here: we need to include
EVERYBODY. Mr Optimist: Uh… that’s a big task. I believe it’s safe to say that it’ll take a bit
of time. Mr Pessimist: Ha. I think a bit of time is an understatement. … but DO-ABLE! OKAY, so I believe this took a bit longer than expected.. Yeah, I mean if he’s done then I’m
probably done too. Now we need to know what all of them see as good, and what all of them see as evil. I’ll start with evil… and I’ll try to keep it short.
Divisiveness. Something that allows progeny of the divine to take ownership
or authority. Religions have broken into sects. Increasing anxiety and hypocrisy
in religious texts. Actions that have cosmic significance, yet no miraculous
event has ever occurred in the past two or three thousand years that we’ve been
collecting information. Barely five thousand years of morality- how do you
know that’s right? Applying authority: maintaining power over a group, while
promoting to conquer land. Violence against those who don’t believe. Greed
for ourselves. Individuality and freedom from social cohesion. Sacrificing for
yourself. Superstitions. .. and I shall end with good. Social cohesion, some religions actually even recommend individuality but not in a community sense, just to
stand out from the crowds. Answers to unanswerable questions. Knowledge,
promoting self-awareness; giving purpose to existence; actions having cosmic
significance; relationships, empathy; rituals to perform activities together,
via art or beauty, prayer, meditation, yoga; time to remember; gratitude, thankfulness;
repentance, self-reflection; environmentalism: caring about earth, caring about nature; equality, justice, acceptance of everybody; modesty, some
level of conservatism; balance; concept of law, taxes, rights; giving, donations,
charity; getting rid of self-doubt; thinking of the defenseless, the poor; the
power of hope; reminders to stay humble; fasting:
and how it’s beneficial. Whether you believe us or not in the authenticity of these findings- you do have to agree that most of the things that were good.. felt a
little morally sound. Though- I don’t know if you guys noticed but there’s a bit of
hypocrisy between evil and good.. at least in certain areas. Yeah, sure.. true, I mean I
may not agree with all of them. I mean evil things are attempting to bring
somewhat of a balance. Evil is generally associated to… rather than the beginning, which is also part of our existence anyway. True.. but life is about reproducing, recreating, improving, and continuing. Attention should be paid
more to those ideas that… Hey guys- thanks for taking
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