Drones for Humanity using drones to deliver humanitarian aid

Drones for Humanity
is a social venture aimed at using a system
of heavy lifting, rapidly deployable, and highly
intelligent drones to deliver humanitarian aid. Through our research, we
have found that only 20% of survivors of a natural
disaster in Third World countries receive aid in the
golden 48-hour window following a natural disaster. That is, with the
conventional system of helicopters and trucks. In addition to the
loss of life, injury is exacerbated by the delay
in receiving treatment. This prevents people from
getting back to work, and thus making the economic
conditions of an already devastated nation much worse. Our drones, on the
other hand, are designed to deliver aid
to survivors as quickly as possible. Virtually reaching all
survivors of a natural disaster in that 48-hour window. All the while for a cost that’s
multiple orders of magnitude lower than that of the
conventional disaster response system. The fifth prototype of
our HumanityONE Drone is nearing its
completion and will be, to our knowledge,
the world’s first AI driven drone logistic system. Our system employs machine
vision technologies to autonomously detect survivors
and deliver aid with little to no human intervention. Our multifaceted and
patent pending technology has attracted the attention
of the Indonesian disaster management authority,
who has invited us for our first pilot test in
Indonesia this coming summer. We are faced with a $3.5
billion humanitarian logistics market in Indonesia alone,
and once we saturate this beachhead market with
our cutting edge technology, we hope to expand to other
countries in the next five to seven years. My name is Mohammed Nasir, and
we are Drones for Humanity. Thank you. [applause]

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