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Do we dare to dream What is a dream Do you dare to dream when others say it’s impossible Do you dare to dream when others live in doubt and despair? Jesus Christ the author and the finisher of our faith said all things say that with me all things Are possible to them who believe Believe that God will do what he said He will do our God is able to overcome the limitations that others have placed on you. Whatever Forecasts they stated for your future. God can cancel it in a second if you put your faith in Him Our God is able to overcome the pain of your past and heal the wounds of yesterday Our God is able to give you strength for today and fill you with hope for tomorrow Our God is able to take all things the good the bad the pleasant the unpleasant and work them together for your good but what you have to do is believe Believe that the dream that he placed in your heart is a glimpse of your destiny and then press on endure hardness God will not fail you God will give you the desires of your heart You just have to trust in him and know that he didn’t bring you this far to let you down and if God has you in one hand and your destiny in the other I assure you your dream will come true Dreams consider the power of a dream Our dreams are the golden ladder by which we climb to heavenly places Dreams are the mountain peaks of vision that we climb and look over into the promised land That God has given us Dreams are the lanterns by whose light we pass safely through the darkest Valley Dreams are the inner flame in your soul that gives you the strength and the day of adversity To fight through the darkness until the dream comes true All great things are born in a dream art books music sermons building skyscrapers corporate empires Beethoven used to wonder in the woods to get his music in the theatre of his mind He heard great symphonies of sound that blessed the world James Watt invented the steam engine and he cranked it up He shouted to his friends you see it today with your natural eye but years ago. I saw it in my mind’s eye Dreams are the stuff that life is made of Walt Disney said if you can dream it You can do it and I hope and pray that you have a dream for your life Not having any kind of goals or any kind of dreams for your life. It’s kind of a boring dull way To live don’t ever stop dreaming no matter how old you are Don’t stop dreaming. You’re not too young to dream You’re not too old to dream and even if you’ve got some shattered dreams in your life. I want to encourage you to dream again Don’t you give up on your dream I don’t care if you don’t have the money You don’t have the help And you don’t have the family for it and you don’t have the background for it and you don’t have friends for it Don’t you give up on your dream don’t you do it don’t you do it don’t you do it It may take you twice as long You may have to take courses and classes. You may not read as fast. You might not move as quick You might not have as much but don’t you quit Sometimes it’s best that you just keep your dreams to yourself Because your dream is about you It is God’s divine way of giving you a glimpse of your destiny It was God’s Way of saying that Joseph’s one day I’m going to exalt you and you’re going to rule and all of the nations are going to bow before you That was Joseph’s destiny That was the dream that God planted in his heart in order for that dream to become a reality Joseph had to endure he endured misery and pain and a season of hell on earth. That would be difficult to describe But all that he went through he was able to walk through because before it ever began God gave him a glimpse of what was to come and he walked down that long road believing that if God be for him who can be against him Child of God, I believe that he is no respecter of persons If God had a dream for Jacob and God had a dream for Joseph then God has a dream for you. The devil’s job He got one mission is to make you think You ain’t going to make it The devil wants to keep you from your destiny. That’s his one job Satan got one job to keep you from your destiny the devil don’t ever want you to be what God created you to be If you’ve been dreaming of opening that business You should start the process Don’t try and figure out how to make a million dollars. Just start the process see if you make one step he’ll make two but he can’t make his two unless you make your one And don’t worry about where you’re going with just get started He’ll show you the way to go because he wants you to get to your destiny but he got to make sure that you want to get to your destiny first if you tell him you want to get to your Destiny that God you serve, he gonna show you how to do you can believe it. Don’t forget to pray Don’t be ashamed to pray and don’t ever be too proud to pray because prayer prayer changes things Why is it that sometimes people’s dreams don’t come true You know the devil is always trying to dig some kind of a pit for us And trying to pitch us in it whether it’s a pit of depression a pit of discouragement pit of poverty A pit of sickness and disease he always wants us to be somewhere between before besides on top where God wants us to be It’s kind of hard, you know when you’re having to wait longer than you thought you would And things are a lot harder than you thought they would be And it seems to be costing you more in your life than what you ever think that you can bear And it just keeps going on and on and on and on and on but the people who refuse to quit The people who won’t give up I can tell you I promise you if you won’t quit and you won’t give up You will make it to the finish line You will make it to the finish line But it goes without saying that life can push you through seasons where it becomes difficult to dream Is it right to hope for a better tomorrow? Is it fair to believe that there’s a brighter day ahead This mindset is something that is contrary to what the Word of God tells us We are to believe for and believed in We may indeed be in a world that is spinning in absolute financial Cultural and global chaos, but the Bible tells us that we are not in this we are in this world We are not of it we have been told that greater is He Who is in us than he who is in the world We are told that even though we may see the hardest of times we can Expect the best of things because it is our God who sits upon the throne in a world of hardship He has promised to be the divine provider. He has said I have a plan for you It’s a plan not to harm you it is a plan to give you a hope in a future In a world of need he has said I am still the God that shall supply all of your needs According to my riches and glory in a world of chaos and confusion He said I am the Prince of Peace and my peace not only do I give it unto thee but it surpasses all understanding You may be in a dry season today But our God has said he would be a spring of living water for your thirsting soul You may be walking through a dark Valley but the light of the world has Promised that he’ll be right beside you and he’ll lead you every step of the way to the other side You may be in a world of trouble, but he is a strong tower He is a shield and he is an offense in your day of adversity. He said I’ll be the Rock of your salvation I’ll be the glory in the lifter of your head My goodness and my mercy they shall follow you all the days of my life for even David himself declared Since the Lord is on my side what can man do to me? Child of God if you have a dream today don’t give up on the dream that God gave you business man Don’t quit pursuing the dream that he planted in you mother and father Continue to believe for the dream that he has in store for you young person don’t abandon The dream that he planted down deep in your soul because God did not bring you this far, too fail He brought you this far to crown you dream a new dream and believe in a God who can never fail

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