Dr. Richard Brody

Dr Richard Brodie: Too often we focus on numbers and lab tests, that we forgot the patient’s experience of illness, where they’ve been through in their journey. I think that is the critical element of trying to make these patients lives better. It’s a family member whose mother had passed away on our floor, and she was so thrilled with the care. She said that we listened not just myself but the whole team, and her mother had said that that’s the first time that somebody really had listened to her throughout the whole illness. And that’s what made a difference. And every one of us, I think we all have that spirit of the sisters of St. Joseph. Caring of the weak and the vulnerable, the marginalized and to improve their lives in whatever way we can. We’re more than just a team. We’re all like the family. Being able to support each other through the demands that we have emotionally and physically is one of the things that keeps me coming back here.

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