Dr. Khalid Koser on Countering Violent Extremism

my name is Khalid Casas and I want to talk with you about a big challenge that’s on a lot of people’s minds these days around the world we continue to see terrorist attacks by groups like Isis al-shabaab Boko Haram and the individuals they inspire how does this end how can we prevent people from embracing violent extremism so that were not constantly worrying about the emergence of new threats well there’s no simple answer communities and governments must work together to address the inequality injustice in security and other grievances that can make people especially marginalized young men and women vulnerable to the propaganda and ideologies Advantix tree mists there are so many resources out there for communities looking to protect themselves and I’d like to share just a few of them with you the organization I lead the global community engagement in resilience fund or GAF is putting communities in the driver’s seat by funding locally driven initiatives in Africa Asia the Western Balkans and soon in other regions too as we strengthen local groups we’re also working with governments to give civil society a real voice in policy discussions about preventing violent extremism if you’re a young person check out organizations like the youth civil activism network or youth can viral peace and the against violent extremism network to learn how you can make a difference we need your energy your fresh ideas and your voice if you’re a parent or teacher check out the teachers guide on the prevention of violent extremism published by UNESCO and learn how to talk with young people about violent extremism if you’re mayor or local leader encourage your community to join the strong cities Network and draw on the experiences of cities and towns around the world building community resilience to violent extremism in all its forms if you’re a researcher join the resolve network to connect with people working on the ground to illuminate and understand the specific local drivers of aren’t extremism and to identify solutions regardless of who you are we all need to challenge in classrooms at the dinner table and the places of worship bigotry intolerance and hateful ideologies that create divisions exploit injustice and lure vulnerable men and women to commit acts of there’s so much the communities can do but governments also have a major role to play against violent extremism and not just in providing security form existing threats how governments treat their citizens can make a huge difference when governments reject corruption respect human rights empower women and girls and ensure security and basic services for all it makes it much harder for violent extremists to recruit new followers with false promises of a better deal the UN’s plan of action to prevent violent extremism provides over 70 practical recommendations for government action we need a broader approach with governments and communities working hand in hand if we are to reduce the threat from violent extremism now and for generations to come thank you you

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