Down to Earth – What Else is Out There?

[ Music ]>>On the day of the spacewalks,
I remember I was over the hatch, and they said, “Open the
hatch,” and so I opened it up and it was daytime, and
the only thing I could look at was straight down
at the Earth. And for 10 minutes, I just
watched the Earth going by below me, and the only thing
separating it was just my visor, and it was really incredible. [ Music ] And then, we exited, you
know, they said, “Go ahead and exit the space
station,” and I remember, that was the first time I
really got the sensation that I was being pulled by
gravity, I was close to Earth, and I was very reliant on
physics at that moment, because I was holding on to
the space station with one hand and my feet were dangling. I remember, you know, not
just through my visor, but looking down and just, you
just see feet and then Earth, and you’re holding on
to the space station and it was just incredible. Everything looked
so large, but again, the most significant
realization, to me, was looking out and realizing
not how far I was from Earth, but how close I was to Earth,
and how connected I was to Earth, and how we on the
space station plus everybody on Earth and this planet is
actually so small compared to this vastness of outer space. [ Music ] We have a small amount of
gravity that keeps us in orbit around the Earth, and
I was keenly aware that Earth was holding on to us. We were attached to Earth. What was amazing to me was
looking the other direction and looking out into deep
space, and it was infinite. And I realized, you know, as
I had one hand on the side of space station and we were
both orbiting the Earth, I felt like I was very connected
to Earth, like it was mine. There was some ownership there,
and not my hometown or my city or what I was familiar
with, but the entire Earth. I felt an ownership
and a kindred spirit with every part of it. [ Music ] You do feel this closeness
to every human on Earth. You have this really
distinct recognition that every single person you
will ever meet, you have more in common with than you do
different, no matter what. Having been part of
a program that takes so many people working together
and doing the right thing, and you go, wow, look what
we can do when we focus on that majority of us that are
alike, that have a common dream, no matter where we grow up. Everybody looks up
at the sky and says, “What else is out there?” [ Music ]

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