Dos traços às telas – FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I was thinking that looks like something… It’s almost like he is praying. It’s been a longe time. I never thought I’d open it again under this situation. Ling, jump in! I will trust you, alchemist. This is the same sensation I felt when Gluttony swallowed me! Thank you… Thank you. The body and the soul are connected by the mind… A part of my body is in front of the Gate of Truth. If I just let my mind guide me, I should be able to get to the gate. Uh? You didn’t come here to get your body back? Your father is inside there, isn’t he? Yeah. Here I’ll find clues about where my brother is. All right, I’m here. Why are ther two gates? Al, come here! Hurry up, Al! AL! Al! I cant. You’re not my soul. I can’t go with you. Alphonse! Alphonse… ALPHONSE! Someday, I’ll certainly come and bring you back. Wait for me. WAIT FOR ME!


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