Don’t drink another drop of water until you see this!!

We all know that drinking water is an
essential part of life and extremely important for good health. After all we are made up of 65% water. Drinking more water can help you lose
weight and stay younger. So which water is better for you. Do you trust the water
that comes straight out of your tap? Or do you spend your hard-earned money and
buy the bottle kind. Now you’re really confused aren’t you? Well let’s clear that confusion right up. So what is the difference between bottled water tap water and alkaline water? We took the liberty of testing the pH levels of some of the most popular bottled water on the market today. What we found was quite surprising. Here’s something you might not know. Our blood has a pH level of 7.35. According to the pH scale this is slightly more
alkaline. In order to achieve optimal health you must constantly flood your
body with alkalinity. To encourage disease and sickness just adopt an acid
lifestyle. Now for the purpose of saving you time
and testing your patience the following videos have been doubled in speed to
prevent you from switching off prematurely Our first contestant was actually one of my favorites before conducting this test.
With its convenient drinking nozzle it has been the choice of many water
connoisseurs. We simply pour three drops of iodine
give the test tube a little shake and as you can see we are greeted with a lovely
shade of yellow representing fairly acidic water. Did you know that too much acidity in
the body is one of the leading causes of arthritis and joint pain? Now there’s
something to think about next time you guzzle down a bottle of pump. Our next contender is without a doubt the most popular bottled water on the market
today. A trademark of coca-cola it dominates the $544 million dollar per year industry. Mount Franklin’s website states that
they only fill their bottles with natural spring water. But according to
our research spring water is meant to have a pH level of 7 and above. Mount
Franklin however is far from that. But we will give them 10 points for clever
marketing. The next on our list is a generic brand created by the Coles supermarket chain. At around ninety five cents for a 600ml bottle it’s
an absolute bargain for the conservative spender. They claim the water comes from
a natural spring in Albury New South Wales. But as you’ll soon see our iodine test
tells us a very different story. This so-called spring water registered
about a 5 on the pH scale which falls in the acidic range. Here’s something you might not know. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. Neutralize the acid and you take away their only source of food. Give them the last three bottles of water and you give them reason to live. Our next competitor is Fiji water. The
company’s website claims that their water is drawn from an artesian aquifer
located at the very edge of a primitive rain-forest hundreds of miles away from
the nearest continent. Now unlike the last three bottles of water that we
tested, this particular brand might just be telling us the truth. Our test shows that this bottled water
is at a pH level of 7.5 which is slightly alkaline and beneficial for consumption. Our last bottle of water comes all the way from the French Alps. Deriving from the summit of an aquifers zone water from rain and melting snow
slowly infiltrate down through layers of glacial sand at a rate of one to two
centimeters per day. A journey of 15 years during which this
water will become purified and laden with minerals. Now I’ve always found that
Evian is by far the best tasting bottled water on the market. With a pH level of
around 7.8, it’s definitely the clear winner of our bottled water test. And now for the truth about tap water. Although it’s free and cost effective the
chemicals used to treat it could be very harmful to your health and the health of
your family. In order to make this water safe enough to drink, it is treated with
chemicals like chlorine which is used to kill pathogens and bacteria. But what you
might not know is that chlorine does not kill algae. When chlorine and algae are
combined trihalomethane gasses are released. Now according to the Harvard
Public School of Health these gases have been linked to miscarriages in women,
prostate, rectal, colon and bladder cancers. This is just one of the many
harmful chemicals used to treat tap water and it’s not surprising for pH
level indicates an acidic state. So the next time you give your child a glass of
tap, water consider the harm you could be doing to their health. For our final test we would like to
introduce you to the Alphion water alkalizer and ionizer. So how does this machine turn chemically contaminated tap water
into crystal-clear alkaline ionized water. About 40 years ago Russian
scientists ran ordinary water through magnetically charged plates and devised
the simple method of separating water into two streams. One alkaline and one
acidic. A process called ionization. This amazing water is like no other.
Containing millions of age fighting antioxidants in every glass. It super
hydrates the body. Supplies important calcium and oxygen and most importantly
helps eliminate toxins and waste. The filter simply attaches to your tap and
by pushing a small lever on the side, it only allows the alkaline water to pass
through. As you can see from this test the Alphion
filter produces alkaline water with a pH level of 10. If you would like more information on how you can purchase machine and change your health for good, Please visit our site at (This website no longer exists) We wish you and your family good health and thank you for watching.


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