Donald Trump Donated to Rob Lowe’s Habitat for Humanity

-It’s so great too,
because I imagine, like, you grow up with Rob —
-Oh, by the way, oh, by the way, everything’s politically correct
today. You’re not supposed to say
“Sasquatch.” -No. Why?
-Yeah, no. There’s a —
The PC thing now is “wood ape.” -Why?
Who does “Sasquatch” offend? -I have no idea,
but you can’t say it. -You have to say “wood ape”? -You can’t say “Bigfoot.”
-No, you can. -I’m not kidding.
-Really? -This is not a bit.
This is absolutely true. -Is this because people
with big feet are offended? -Maybe it’s that.
-Yeah. -But I think the notion is that the terms “Sasquatch”
and “Bigfoot” are pejorative ’cause they sound “looney.” -Oh. Oh.
-But “wood ape” is fine. -Yeah, wood ape. If you go out looking for
wood ape, you’re a scientist. -Yeah.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] This is what
I’m really excited about watching this show is you
have — You’re on Instagram. And you’ve got a lot of likes.
You’re at 14,000 likes. You’re obviously a popular guy
on Instagram, but your son — John seems to be the one
that’s busting you. -He gives me a lot of — my kids think I’m lame
on social media. -Yeah, so here you are. You’re like,
“Thanks to my friends — Thanks to my #friends at Tommy’s
for a great #lunch.” Then, your son just wrote,
“#lunch.” [ Light laughter ] -My sons are trolling me. -Yeah, it’s really great.
They’re trolling you. “The Grinder finally came home
and ran into Joel Zadak. #Teenlife.” “#Teenlife??!” [ Laughter ] That seems like —
That seems like a fair burn to burn you.
-Yeah, I mean… I still — I’m like,
“Look, guys, it could be worse. I’m trying, you know.”
-Yeah. -I’m not this Millennial.
-You’re a dad who’s trying. -I’m a dad.
-You’re a dad and, look again — you’ve accomplished a lot
in your life. But there’s one thing
I wanted to talk to you about because I know that you have — you visited the White House
a lot. -I’ve been to every White House
since “The West Wing” premiered. -Which is exciting. -So every administration
from Clinton to Bush to Obama. -And a very different vibe
each time? -That’s what’s fascinating. The Clinton White House was
the most welcoming, most casual. He had, like,
his Big Bertha Golf Driver leaning up against the wall
of the Oval Office. -Uh-huh.
-And he’d be like, “Come on in. Sit at the desk.
Take a picture.” And he was great. He was great.
[ Laughter ] And the Bush White House
was really formal, and you couldn’t even go
in the Oval. It had, like, literally,
a velvet rope, and it was like a sanctum.
-Mm-hmm. -You could peer in,
but you were not going in. And Obama was like — felt like he was just
so much hustle and bustle. And I think every president brings their own kind of thing
to it. -Now, you haven’t been
to the Trump White House, but you do have
a little bit of history. Is it true that Donald Trump
once donated $50,000 to a charity event? -I did. I was doing an event
for Habitat for Humanity. -Uh-huh.
-And I was on a talk show. He called in, and he donated, I think, $5,000
to Habitat for Humanity. -That’s great.
-It was nice. [ Applause ]
Yeah. -Did you, um —
Did anybody ever see the check, or was it
like one of those things — [ Laughter ]
-Yes, they saw the check. And you know what’s amazing? You know who it was signed by? Vladimir Putin.
-No! -It was unbelievable.
[ Laughter and applause ] It was un– -As long
as the houses got built. [ Chuckling ]
As long as the houses got built. Thanks so much for being here.
Congrats on the show. And it’s always
just such a delight. [ Cheers and applause ]
Rob Lowe, everybody!


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