Does The Coronavirus Make RACISM Against Asian People Okay?

I chink you gotta shut the **** up. Hey what’s up CantoMando squad. Is the coronavirus a valid excuse to racist… to Asian people? It’s been happening everywhere, we’ve heard all about it. And today, we’re gonna explore different cases of racism that’s happened. And how we feel about it, and whether we think it’s racist or not. Alright? Without further ado, let’s go. Alright, so we’re gonna start with some racist tweets. Tweets. And DMs that… people have sent to us and asked us to check it out. Have you guys encountered any racism yet? Like in your daily lives? No, but I’ve seen a lot of these racist tweets surface on like Facebook, and just scrolling through stuff like that. I recently flew back… And I swear like… everyone around me was not Asian, and they were coughing. And like, no one batted an eye, right? I let out a slight like… Everyone was like… Everyone was like “cough! Asian detected.” I don’t want to read it. Do you want to read it? (侮辱中国人的词 chink 跟 think 押韵) I chink you gotta shut the **** up. That was good, right? That was a good one. That was… I think that was a whatever comeback. Oh, I saw this one. I saw this one before. Wait. This is a Canadian guy. He got fired. Yeah, he got fired. Basically, it’s this dude, and this Asian barber I’m guessing. He says: You should be smart enough to not do stuff like this. Maybe he’s just ignorant. The thing that is like… really shitty about this… This guy got a haircut. Took a photo with this guy, and then he probably went home and he’s like, “I have such a funny joke. Oh my god, everyone’s gonna laugh.” Right? He’s like, “oh my god.” And he’s probably so excited, and the he tweeted it, and it’s like…dude, this is terrible. This is purely racist cause of the fact that he’s Asian. You know what I mean? And he looks like a good man! The guy with the mask on looks like a good man because what he’s doing is protecting everybody around him from getting the virus. The thing that really sucks about this is like this guy legit like… They probably had a great conversation. Yeah. And then he gets home, and then he’s like, “wow, this is what he thought about me when we were chilling.” Do you know what I mean? It’s just…not good, man. You can’t do stuff like this, dude. This was… Wait, isn’t this Simu’s comercial? Yeah, so this was our friend Simu, he had a commercial that was showing around. Someone commented… Like there’s not even… There’s like 0 element of comedic… There’s no comedic element there. Like, it’s dumb. …is that, all these people think that all Chinese people overseas are born in China. The thing is like everyone is saying like, “oh…” Everyone’s scared of all Chinese people, all Asian people, right? Most Asian people who are born overseas haven’t been to China in the past like 3 or 4 months. And like… Not only have they not been in China, Wuhan is such a small area in China. It’s just, it doesn’t make any sense why they’re scared of every single Chinese person on the street. Look, I’m Canadian. I haven’t been to China in like months. You know what I mean? Like… They group every Chinese person as if they’re born in China. And they group every Asian person as if they’re all Chinese people as well. Korean people are like, “dude, I’m not even…” “I don’t even speak Chinese.” “Why you looking at me weird?” Right? This joke is not… First of all, it’s not even… It’s not even funny. Oh, so they’re saying it’s a karma thing they’re getting. See, this is exactly– Wait, this is dumb though, because, like… it’s not even from cats or dogs. No, but this… No, this is exactly what they’re doing. They’re taking an opportunity talking about coronavirus to let all the other things come out. Asian people eating cats and dogs, Asian people eating… See? It’s kinda like when Trump became president, and like bunch of racist people just came out. It just gave an outlet. That’s the question at the start, you know. Is it a valid excuse? But that’s not even a bad– like, First of all, I don’t think that is a thing that you can pin on a certain culture. This doesn’t even make sense. Like they’re trying to say it’s karma now? When they’re saying karma, they’re saying like people deserve it. Yeah, it means that like you… Like you’re just being bad at the start. No one there deserves what’s happening right now. It’s just…it’s terrible. Look at this guy complaining. Like okay, first off, Only people I ever see on the streets wearing masks are Asian people. We’re doing our job, okay? We’re doing our job. Another one about karma again. Dude. China doesn’t even… The whaling countries are Norway and Japan. Not China. China is actually leading the world in green energy, Even let’s say the stuff they’re saying is correct, right? The word “karma” there is just like… “Karma” pisses me off so much. Karma… You can call me a chink, you can call me all these things, I’d be like whatever. But when you say it’s karma to these people, that’s absolutely terrible. Like you’re saying they deserve it. You’re saying that these people who are suffering, quarantined, you know like families, kids, you’re saying that they deserve what’s happening. When you say something like this, you don’t understand the impact it has on not only Chinese people, but on other Asians as well. Exactly. Because of the fact that we all look somewhat similar, right? It’s like you’re affect other races that had nothing to do with this. Exactly. And that sucks, man. That sucks. Simu, our friend, said, Very true. Thank you, Simu. Okay, so after you guys looked at all these tweets, got mad triggered, remember the first questions we asked was does coronavirus… give people an excuse to be racist, right? Yeah. But what about when it’s Asian people saying that kind of stuff to Asian people? It’s that even called racism? It’s an Asianception. People in China… saying it to people in China. Is that even called racism anymore? They’re all one race, right? So let’s check this out. This is a video I saw, and it basically just covers how… Just some discrimination. Anyway, let’s check it out. People from Wuhan feel the discrimination. They feel unwelcome even in their own country. Lucy is one of them. Scolding. Everyone’s scolding Hubei people and Wuhan people. Oh my god. Empathy. Yeah. A new word I learned. Spam. Sausage. Lucy is fearful about being stigmatised. Carry the virus. Spread it everywhere. Ah, that’s sad. That’s pretty good fried rice though. It’s pretty good fried rice. No longer welcome people from Hubei province, where… Wait, so some communities no longer welcome people from Hubei province, where it’s… Treat Wuhan people kindly. It’s like a bounty on your head, right? It’s like a bounty, yeah. Yeah. really strange to see. Isn’t it? Because… You know, we just felt like we got attacked… because we’re Chinese. Right? But… even within this community that’s getting attacked, there’s more attacks going in within this community to the people of Wuhan. I feel like it’s a hate circle, whereas like the people that are not Asian hating on the Asians and Chinese people. And then the Asian people hating on specifically Chinese people. And then within the Chinese people is the Chinese people hating on the people from Wuhan. Think about it. You’re hating on a person who is suffering the most. Yeah, exactly. You’re hating on the victim. It’s really easy to say… coronavirus justifies… does not justifies racism when, you know, it’s happening to… when you’re the victim, right? Now, you know, in a sense, like we’re also the perpetrators. You know what I mean? It’s happening within the community as well, so… I understand certain parts of this because people are scared People need to understand it’s OK to be scared especially in China there’s legitimate reason that someone from Wuhan Has a greater chance of having the virus than someone else but it’s the same thing here… if someone says they’re scared of Chinese people if they want there’s a legitimate reason not to go to chinese restaurants right now yeah but there’s no reason to type racist comments bash them, and say it’s karma… that’s what I would classify as racism whereas, taking precautions… is something everyone can do it’s your own personal choice it’s your life I wanna show you guys one last thing. It’s really easy right now to think oh, you know, it’s all just numbers, you know? 500 people died, 400 people died. I think everyone needs to remember that these are real people behind the lines. These are real people with families, dreams. Just like me and you. So this is a guy from Wuhan caught in the midst of it right now, and let’s check out his story. So his wife has the virus. The second day. She’s a nurse. She’s in the frontline of… Shoutout to all you nurses out there. And she got it. Shoutout to the doctors out there, man. He has to wear the suit, right? He has to wear the whole suit, yeah. Wait, to visit her? Yeah. Whoa, to go into her room! Oh my gosh. It’s so sad to see how positive people are in Wuhan, and how negative everybody else is looking at them. They are so strong. You see the videos of people in Wuhan supporting each other? Like yelling out of each other’s balconies? Yeah. Saying “Keep it up! Keep it up!” That video gave me the chills. It actually gave me the chills. Huge respects to any healthcare worker on the frontline. Putting themselves as risk for people they don’t even know. I think we just need some more empathy. There’s people that are just like you and I, that have done nothing wrong. Absolutely. There’s kids… …are just so young they have done nothing wrong. And they have it. Like there’s no way that you could say it’s karma for them, right? It hurts so much to see people outside blaming them. You know, to people who wrote those, you know, racist, hurtful comments, we don’t hate you. We just hope that you can better understand the situation of what’s going on there. These are real people, just like you, with families. Like, we hope that through this, you better understand them, and you can learn to help support them on this. Look, if these people in Wuhan on the frontlines in the midst of everything can stay positive, love, have empathy, not be racist, not be xenophobic, then us outsiders who aren’t even in the crossfire can do the same. So let’s learn to love, instead of hate. Show empathy to these people, and let’s pray… for the best, and pray that things get better soon. Because our enemy is the virus, and not people. So final message, guys. No, coronavirus is not an excuse to be racist. Thank you guys for watching today’s video, and if you want to help out the situation over in China, then check out Direct Relief charity. They’re working on supplying face masks and other supplies over there So check that out. anything helps us all fight the virus together and check out these other videos here they’re good and funny until next time… BYE!


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