Doc World | Humanity on the Move | Susan Akram Interview #2

Jordan, which is the fourth most
water-stressed country in the world, doesn’t have
sufficient water resources for it’s own
population. And here it is with a registered
Syrian refugee population of 700,000 people.
And a huge camp – Za’atari Camp which is now becoming one of
the largest refugee camps in the world.
Services are stretched thin. People are… it’s totally
understandable that people will try to move out. So they will use
any means possible if legal means
are not available, and that means the
use of smugglers. But that comes with
enormous risks. Smugglers may or may not
be in a position to actually arrange safe
transportation for the refugees to their points of destination.
They may actually be part of smuggling rings or
trafficking rings so that once people fall into their hands
they sell them for… transporting drugs for
prostitution rings or they may be putting people’s lives
in danger by transporting them in large numbers. And then we have outcomes such
as the thousands of deaths on the Mediterranean or like
a few years ago when 71 migrants were found dead
in a lorry on a highway in Austria.

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