Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – The Mechanical Apartheid

How did we get here? Technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate. Artificial eyes to cybernetic limbs… The promise of a better future. We now have the choice to free ourselves from any kind of limitation. Strength, power, speed: now I focus on what really matters. Have these augmentations really been tested? There are people who say that what is happening is unnatural, that we’re playing god, but people were scared of electricity and where would the world be without that? What happens if this technology falls into the wrong hands? Diseases or viruses that could wipe out the human race. Scenes of terror are being witnessed worldwide. A kind of madness has gripped the mechanically augmented people New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai…
9 million deaths confirmed and counting. This is an attack on humanity, and the universal values that we share. These people were hacked, they had no control. What is the appropriate response, and can we actually protect ourselves from this happening again? I have no idea what happened, I would never… You tried to kill me. At what point would governments consider the idea of segregation, for all our sakes? We can be politically correct or we can be
foolish, but it’s going to get worse and worse. The Czech Republic adds its voice to a growing list of countries calling for the relocation of its augmented citizens. We have no choice. Reports of severe shortages of the drug Neuropozyne, required to inhibit the rejection of augmentations. And we will fight for our god given right,
to defend our way of life.. As a sign of growing anti-augmentation sentiment, thousands marched… It doesn’t matter how many idiots you get
out there on the street. We will not relinquish our limbs, do you understand? What is happening on this planet, is a mass fear mongering and the main stream media pushing this narrative. The officer suffered severe facial injuries. Incident, after incident, after incident. You need to be afraid, because they are coming for you. We will not be made slaves to corporations. We will rise up! To them, we are the enemy. Have you seen what your kind are doing? My kind? You sound just like them! We’ve come to a tipping point. We can’t live like this anymore. This violence is completely out of control. The road is being paved for this corporate
militant state. What do they have planned for us, why are they building concentration camps? What’s going on out there? Tension is boiling over into the streets. With multiple fatalities, there’s only one
way to deal with these blood thirsty fanatics. A lot of people died, now you want to take
away our freedom? You will pay for it in blood. Multiple detonations, looks like car bombs. The Augmented Rights Coalition denies responsability. Oh no… The segregation act has been passed into law, effective immediately. Augmented persons are being asked to move into safe and secure segregated districts. I don’t want them to take me. We are still your neighbours, your brothers, your
sisters, your lovers… We lost everything, our dreams, our innocence… Where are you taking her? Where are you taking her? …Our humanity.

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