Deus Ex: Mankind Divided | Red Light District

(start sound, dog bark) – One thing that I love about Deus Ex Mankind Divided,
(busy street) is the use of buildings. Like, look at this. This is awesome. But, I mean, keep that in mind and then come over here. (laughs) Oh my God! It’s amazing. Look at how amazing that is! – The Red Queen doesn’t discriminate. – I bet is is. I love the architectural elements. It just looks so cool. There’s so much to see. This is the Red Queen.
(noisy street, people talking) I mean it’s more interesting, I’ll give you that, it’s more interesting on the outside than it is on the inside, at least for the Red Queen. There’s some places that are more interesting on the inside. You just have to really explore. This is like a tentacle? (laughs loudly) Temptacle! (laughs) Oh my God! It’s like, touches like that. It’s just great! They just did a spectacular job. This area is one of my favorites ’cause there’s just so much to look at. There’s the VIP room. But isn’t that cool? (busy street noise)

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