DEUS EX: MANKIND DIVIDED | Illuminati Life Hacks | LORE in (almost) a Minute! | Treesicle | LORE

Illuminati scientist Hugh Darrow pioneered
human augmentation in the late 20th century. The Illuminati researched augmentation to
control the population and experimented on infants, but the lab was burned down. The only surviving child was secretly adopted
and raised as Adam Jensen, unaware of his past. After a short law-enforcement career, Adam
was hired by ex-girlfriend Megan Reed as head of security at Sarif Industries because she
secretly knew about his experimental genes. When Sarif was attacked, Adam was fatally
wounded and subjected to augmentation, but surprisingly his body did not reject the enhancements. Rescuing Megan and the kidnapped Sarif scientists,
Adam learned the Illuminati developed a broadcast signal to control augmented humans, but Darrow
instead used the signal to drive the augmented violently mad to prove augmentation only corrupted
humanity. It’s been two years since Jensen explosively
ended “The Aug Incident”. Augmented citizens have been forced into ghettos
and divided the population. He didn’t ask for this, but Adam has joined
Interpol’s Task Force 29 to fight terrorist threats and secretly report to the Juggernaut
Collective, hackers who believe the Task Force is tied to the Illuminati. Unknown to Jensen however, Illuminati member
Bob Page has scavenged Darrow’s tech and hired Megan Reed to research Nanotech Viruses. What a shame. Have fun!


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