Destructive mankind – The Beagle

How are you? Are you Aunt Lace? Madam, my name is Himla. A few weeks ago… …people came here
to take saliva swabs. That’s what you gave us. That’s how your DNA ended up
in my laboratory in Johannesburg. But now I’m here with the results
of the test. By doing the tests… …we’ve learnt that the San
are the oldest race in the world. Did you know?
– No, I didn’t. I heard it today. I’m very proud of that. Do you and your family now have land? We have land now. But what we were given is not enough
to better ourselves. We can’t plant. We have the land,
but we don’t have a good education. That’s why we still live in shacks. First I tell them about the animals. About their tracks and behaviour. And whether they’re meat eaters
or plant eaters. And which animals are edible. Like the porcupine, and how we use
all of it, even the skin. We use all of it. We Bushmen know all about drinking. We can’t drink just one bottle.
When we drink, we drink. So you drink quite a lot?
– Well, we don’t drink just dew. We drink. That’s why I say:
Drink isn’t good for a Bushman. How long have you been here?
– We came here in July last year. Circumstances meant
we landed up on the street. Then we came here. Why is it so hard to find work?
– There is no work. There is no work, or no work for you? I think I have the wrong skin color. I shouldn’t say it,
but this is what we think. I have the wrong skin color.
– What are you saying? When we were looking for work,
the treatment we got was shocking. ‘You’re the wrong skin color.’
That’s how it is. There is no work for us. Since the blacks came to power. I don’t know how to put this,
I have nothing against you, but… …they are now in the majority.
They’ve taken over. Some people in the ANC say… …that in the past whites
were given preferential treatment. Now it’s the blacks’ turn.
– Yes, I hear that too. You will need to survive.
It’s easy to say, but it’s really tough. It’s very difficult,
since they came to power. For us, everything’s black.
I can’t see a future at all right now.


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