Design and Invest Episode 004: Morality and Home Staging

William John Raitt, back with another
episode of design and invest this episode will be focused on last week’s
stages to start off we did three stages it wasn’t a very busy week before Thor
is coming up so it was a quite slow next week actual for the July week is gonna
be even slower so to start off the week in Pasadena we did a stage for $5,500 to
new client also new to flipping and investing and a new realtor to Wednesday
we did monterey stage in Burbank that was a three thousand dollar stage a very
good client one of our go twos Friday we did a stage in Santa Monica on Lincoln
this was a two thousand dollar favor job that we did for a new agent that’s
coming into the game and for a team that we really want to get in good with in
total the week was a $10,500 week but wait we have a twist but we did a stage
on Monday for $5,500 that stage required us to really test our morality as
stagers and this is where a lot of companies fail to really offer the
customer service needed in the sort of empathy for the clients these are new
investors and new realtors in the game and give us zero vision upfront and you
know we accommodate our art clients you know fully if they want to change out a
table change out this or that we’ll change it out we’re not gonna ask
questions it to be right this client at the end of
the day wanted to change out everything no matter what we bring them and what we
sort of change it out with they’re not going to be happy so I I’ve done this
long enough to know that it’s time to just call that one quits and we put our
best foot forward and it wasn’t good enough so no matter what we changed it
with it wasn’t it just wasn’t gonna work so it’s only happened one other time and
this was a couple years ago and I’ve done over 250 stages so this is uh not
something normal but I also knew that I wasn’t gonna dig a deeper hole it’s been
a lot of money to try to make them happy and still not have them happy and have
them resentful so you know they’re perfectly nice they weren’t you know
vindictive or mean or anything like that so I just said you know what I’m gonna
give you a full refund I don’t think we have what you need I put the high road
and you know and I give them a full refund we ended up losing about 1,600
bucks on that but you know we we saved face we’re not gonna get a negative
review we managed that you know the best we could and you know what you gotta you
gotta do that sometimes of business overall it was still a good week I took
down two new design books and met with a bunch of new clients on air BMPs and
things like that so overall is still very productive week and you got to
think macro in situations like this you’ve got to think of the grand picture
the grand scheme of things you know what is the right thing to do for your
business and in that situation that was the right thing to do you know is the
issues refunding as hard as it was too many stages out there we’ll just you
know jerk that person around or do some swap outs and the more swap out some
more swap ups and then just realize oh my god this is not gonna work and then
it just gets nasty you know and that’s not at all what I wanted so I just said
zip let’s move on so on Wednesday stage the realtor involved with that his name
is Brett hazard really good guy he’s a real scrappy hustler of an agent we’ve
done quite a few jobs for him in the past I walked the property myself about
two two weeks ago or so and met with Brett melissa was doing the stage and so
when we got to the job real quick you know small you know two
three-bedroom I forgot what it was house and you know I took some quick
notes and moved on and just start to talk to him about other stuff so hey
what do you have in the works I know you invest in properties yourself and you do
flips and you do you know investments you know anything cool you’re working on
and you know spitballin like that just creates a different kind of conversation
the kind of conversation that I really like to have about investing about
design and you know and so he told me about one of his clients that is doing a
property in Lake Hollywood and he’s like hey I’m going there you want to go over
there with me and I said yes let’s go over there and check it out and so we we
jammed over there his client is uh building a two-story where actually he’s
adding the second storey on top of the house that’s currently their beautiful
house underneath the Hollywood sign I mean it’s literally underneath all the
wood side and then I have to walk in the property I realized that this is
something tonight that’s gonna take probably six months to a year to to just
do plans on you know they’re still working on getting the soils engineering
its hillside they’re working on a lot of different factors I’m gonna put a second
story on an existing single-story home it’s not easy you have to reinforce a
foundation to underpin it you know I mean it’s it’s a real intense process
the structural involvement that you’re going to go through plan checks and
corrections for quite some time so knowing that I presented to him hey this
is perfectly Airbnb you know potential so why don’t I put together a proposal
for you on this and send it to your client let him know during this planning
process we can get him probably 250 a night I mean it’s right under the
Hollywood sign it has a badass pool you know it needs a little bit of work that
I probably need to drop like three grand to get it rent ready and add some
appliances and things like that but that’s nothing if you know that could
recoup in two weeks you know worth of rentals and then you can have it for six
months six months to a year I mean even if it’s only six months it makes a lot
of sense because of the higher price point for nine beautiful views I mean it
has everything going for it so pitch that to him also said hey I can help you
with all the design work here which is why he brought me over there to get the
floor plan you know made a couple tweaks and help them out with that
and the big news which isn’t you know confirmed yet but we started talking
about some development deals and some Lots for sale and things like that and
so I I worked with tons of developers that’ll buy stuff like this and so I
told them was like look let me pitch these to some of my developer clients
and see if they’re willing to go for it you know we’ll make some nice
commissions out of the process or some finders fees so I’ll report back on that
one later I think it’s gonna work out nicely our
Friday stage was for a client named Tim Gavin it’s actually Tim Gavin’s team
member a new team member of his she just became a realtor and this is our first
listing and Tim’s like hey man can you help us out you know she’s in the jam
the seller isn’t gonna give her very much Commission I really wanted to start
off good and Tim is a guy that I did some work for a while back on his first
job Tim is a professional skateboarder of you know back in the days really
really super famous and he started up the skateboard shoe brand DVS which was
super super popular when I was growing up so when I first met Tim like you know
this guy’s awesome like I know who exactly is and so I helped them out with
the flip he did in Encino and I did all the design work for him over there and I
turned out beautiful and at the end of this video we’re gonna show you that
flip but back to this project I told Tim look man I know you’re a scrappy scrappy
guy that’s gonna succeed in whatever you do and I truly mean that I mean you know
founder of DVS and just crushed it you know a badass skateboarder growing up
crushed it like this guy just is he’s a lot like me like you know I really feel
that when I talk to him and when I you know hang out with him just the
conversations and things that we have so I want to get in good with him he’s a
rising star in the real estate world he works for Keller Williams Beverly Hills
which is the primo one of the best offices here in LA and his team here I
think y’all ready has five six team members and so he’s growing very very
fast rising through the you know the the ranks in
Realtor world and so I told my look I want to be your go to and you know I
truly mean that I should be his go to I’m gonna help him out in times like
these when he needs it and I’m gonna help him out on the bigger jobs where I
can actually make a couple bucks and still provide an amazing service for his
him and his team so for this particular job I did it for kya at costs $2,000
which was literally a cost you know I’d like to be completely transparent with
my you know my business and I think a lot of people out there will appreciate
that but um so for that particular job he it came out great and his realtor is
gonna start off on the right foot you know and and really crush it she was
extremely happy with the product we put out and and I know that it’s gonna sell
lightning quick and now here’s a little footage from the property that I
designed for Tim Gavin in Encino which happens to be his first listing
and remember design invests repeat

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